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Post Graduate Diploma In Cosmetology with Meribindiya

Post Graduate Diploma In Cosmetology

The specialty of cosmetology and magnificence culture traces to the Ice age while hair cutting and styling were rehearsed and executes were molded from honed stones, shellfish shells, or bone. At present, cosmetology or the purported magnificence patterns have assumed control over the personalities of individuals. A diploma in cosmetology can be pursued after class 10th.

Since it is a Diploma, therefore you need to be a graduate or at least 12th passed to pursue the course.

What Is PGDC (Post Graduate Diploma In Cosmetology)?

Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology (PGDC) equips beauty professionals to apply for job opportunities at cosmetology centers, derma clinics, top beauty parlors in the country, salons, spas, and rejuvenation centers, nail art studios, or work as assistants with celebrity makeup artists, or skin doctors.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Cosmetology (PGDC) by any incredible school outfits students with the data and inclination expected to be experts in the cosmetology approach. The Diploma beautician course additionally covers hair shading and henna application, other than homegrown treatment for glossy and issue-free hair.

What All Things Will You Learn In Cosmetology Course?

What All Things Will You Learn in Cosmetology Course?
  • The course starts with the nuts and bolts of excellence treatment bestowing information on the physiology and histology of the skin, effect of organisms, how to do skin investigation, cleanliness variables, and cleansing and sterilization.
  • The course advances towards warm styling methods including pressing, creasing, tonging, blow-drying, hot rollers, velcro rollers setting, and waving.
  • Most recent as well as customary hair styling and hairstyles, are instructed other than hair shading, henna application, and natural hair medicines.
  • The high level covers hairstyles like uniform layers, multi-facets, detached layers, and different hairstyles explicit for male and female clients.
  • The expert level hair shading procedures of various female streaking and male streaking styles are educated to the members to cause them the hair masters they to seek to be.

Why Meribindiya is the best Academy for pg diploma in cosmetology and beauty care?

Meribindiya is a renewed makeup academy that can shape up your career in the beauty industry with all the advanced techniques that is used in the international beauty industry.

If you are enrolling for Cosmetology and diploma beautician course at Meribindiya International Academy, you get the chance to learn the lessons directly from the industry experts. We also provide practical training and help you to understand the essence of makeup from basic to advanced level.

Unlike other academies, we are known to hold your hand until you get a satisfactory job with a higher salary package. Also, once you join the Meribindiya group, you get lifetime access to learn the trendiest techniques and the methods to do makeup to any face.

For more details, you can reach us via What’s App or call at +91 9582133349.

PG Diploma In Ayurvedic Cosmetology & Skin Disease

This course is a 2-year diploma in ayurvedic cosmetology & skin disease. The qualification criteria for the program is passing 10+2 in any significant stream from a perceived board. The course is covered through 2 Years, the assessment of which is directed in a range of one year. The improvement of cosmetology addresses a significant forward leap in well-being and beauty sciences.

Extraordinary mechanical advancements have effectively occurred in this field and many are yet to happen. In parallel, there is a growing interest from the clients, who are looking for personalized cosmetic solutions.

Cosmetology diploma courses start with magnificence essentials like the molding of eyebrows, dye, purifying, peeling, facial back rub steps, and facial veils. This closes with active preparation on fundamental and paraffin facials, nail treatments, pedicures, and shallow hair evacuation methods. In the wake of mastering these excellent abilities, you will be a professional at supporting peaceful, brilliant, and smooth skin for your customers

Eligibility To Take Admission For Post Graduate Diploma In Cosmetology

To sign up for any of the confirmation courses in cosmetology, the understudy will require to pass the 10th or 12th class assessment. A few foundations additionally permit eighth class passed understudies or anyone of the age 16 years of age or above to be qualified for the course.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC) outfits students with the data and capacity expected to be experts in cosmetology drugs. The advancement of clinical cosmetology addresses a significant leap forward in the improvement of clinical sciences.

Call to Meribindiya Cosmetology Expert: +91 9582133349

Wrap Up

After completing the Cosmetology and Beautician Course, you will be able to find work at beauty care centers, beauty parlors, spas, etc. If you have access to monetary support, you may also become self-employed. You may start your parlor or start marketing skincare products.


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