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    Beauty, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist & Cosmetology Courses

    Meribindiya International academy being the best beauty academy school was founded many years ago in Delhi-NCR with the aim of predicting global trends in the need for and supply of trained beauty professionals.

    To create a history of best-in-class beauty education, we started by providing a variety of beautician courses. A reputation for its carefully crafted beauty parlour course and sophisticated beauty courses have developed at Meribindiya. We curate the beauty industry by providing various courses that are approved by Government NSDC. As a beauty school, we provide extensive beauty professional courses that will lead towards a better life in the beauty industry. Our makeup artist courses are of the greatest quality, and they are available in Noida. We provide a cutting-edge quantity of content in the makeup classes and in these massive knowledge professional makeup courses which are both cost-effective and easily accessible. Among the many distinctive features of Meribindiya are its employees, who are always pleasant, well-trained, competent, and experienced.

    Throughout our journey, we have sparked some of the most important changes in India's mostly unorganized beauty education sector and in professional makeup courses, and we have emerged as a best-in-class beauty education provider. Because we are the best makeup school on the market, our teachers are well-versed in the cosmetics and beauty sectors, as well as current trends, suggestions, and innovations that increase the value of the professional beauty courses they offer. To offer educational possibilities in makeup courses, CIDESCO has collaborated with Meribindiya International Academy of Beauty. Merbindiya's beauty courses have earned an excellent reputation throughout due to their outstanding quality and competence.

    Every year, we change the lives of many people who seek a path in the beauty industry, the overwhelming majority of whom are women, as a consequence of our objective of providing international standard beauty training that results in being highly competent.

    We think that a high-quality education may give ambitious young individuals working in the beauty and wellness industries wings for the future, which is why we try to offer you the best education possible.

    Courses We Offers

    With the large variety of courses to choose from, Meribindiya international beauty academy offers a wide
    range of courses for beginners and working professionals to enhance their skills.

    Aesthetics & Skin Course

    Well-rounded cosmetics in beautician courses are the foundation of great skin health. The Meribindiya International Beauty Academy offers many courses. There are various courses available for both beginners and seasoned beauty professionals, covering virtually every area of the business.

    Makeup Course

    It makes you feel attractive, comfortable, and youthful when you use professional makeup courses which improves your personality. Visually pleasing appearances are becoming more important. Meribindiya International Academy is continuously expanding its course with diversified makeup classes offerings to keep up with the newest fashion trends.

    Nail Course

    The art of the nail and the nail art course is now transforming. The various nail designs having extensive nail art classes that provide nail art courses that are both stylish and one-of-a-kind are becoming more popular among consumers. We have designed a career-oriented professional nail art course for aspiring candidates. You will be given hands-on training in the latest nail designs and trends.

    Hair Course

    When it comes to having a gorgeous appearance, hairstyles and the hairstylist courses are the icings on the cake with extensive hairdressing courses at Meribindiya International Academy. The International Beauty School Meribindiya offers a broad range of hairstyling courses for beginners to experts.

    Spa Course

    Spa Courses in spa treatments are available at Meribindiya International makeup academy, and they will assist you in relaxing and unwinding after a hard day at the office. Experts offer a great lot of information on soothing, comforting, and massage spa training.

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