Meribindiya Make-up Course: Classes details, Admission, Eligibility, Syllabus, Jobs & Salary

Meribindiya Make-up Course: Classes details, Admission, Eligibility, Syllabus, Jobs & Salary

Do you feel makeup boosts your confidence? Do you feel the makeup brush in your hand can make you an artist? Does makeup give you joy? How about transforming someone is something you love? If beauty and makeup are your passion, then how about make a living out of your passion. Pursuing a makeup course is a growing trend nowadays as the beauty industry has got a boom inrecent times.

Now a makeup artist is considered to be a rewarding career. The skill set is in high demand keeping in mind the requirement for the same in every small or big occasion. It is one of the highest-paid jobs now and the demand for the trained professional is on a rise.

If you perceive makeup as an art and yourself as an artist, then you have come to the right place. MeriBindiya Academy is a leading and professional makeup academy in Noida offering makeup courses. If you are looking for the best makeup school that can offer numerous courses of makeup artist, then look no further. You have landed on the right platform. You can successfully shape your career right after a certificate makeup course.

MeriBindiya Academy is one of the best makeup institutes that guides you in how to get a makeup artist certificate with theoretical and hands-on training. Once you complete the professional makeup artist course, you will get a golden opportunity to do an internship at MeriBindiya Academy. They also provide an extensive range of pre-bridal and bridal services at your doorstep and this service is available all across Delhi NCR. If you pursue a course in makeup from us, you get a chance to assist the senior team in bridal makeup.

All our batches are small so that we can pay individual attention to everyone in the batch. The trainers who teach the art of makeup are experienced. They foster a learning environment. We offer 100% placement post the completion of every pro makeup artist course.

For detailed information on the NSDC approved and ISO certified courses for makeup artist, please go through the below makeup course:

Professional Makeup Course

1. Basic Makeup Course :

This certificate makeup course is exclusively designed for the beginners who wish to make a mark in their career and who wish to work for the stars.One of the foundation makeup courses, it gives you a basic knowledge of routine makeup. The next level of makeup can be learned in advanced makeup classes which you can be a part of when you enroll for a professional makeup course with us.

Makeup shoot in Meribindiya Academy

Course details :

Get well versed on the techniques of how to apply concealer, foundation and do a routine day or night makeup as a part of this makeup courses training.

In this makeup certificate course, the classes are conducted by experienced celebrity makeup artists. The classes are held 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) for 3 hours per day and the duration is 2 months. We offer a product kit as well.

The course extensively covers the following:

  • Theory classes – Skin Theory, Face Structure
  • Theory classes – Product Knowledge
  • Theory classes – Personal Hygiene
  • Theory classes – Brush Knowledge
  • Theory classes – Skin type & skin tone knowledge
  • Theory classes – Makeup Knowledge(Contouring, Highlighting, Blusher and Eye Shadow Application)
  • Day Makeup
  • Different Types of Eye Makeup
  • Nude Makeup / Corporate Makeup
  • Party Makeup
  • Night Party Makeup
  • Festival Makeup
  • Engagement Makeup

You can start your career in a small salon or work as a freelancer. The average salary is 1.8 – 2 LPA if you start working as a permanent employee in a small salon.

2. Advance Makeup Course :

Move one step ahead with our pro makeup artist course. This level is for professionals and experts. In advanced makeup classes, we will inculcate professional skill-set required to become a high-end makeup artist. This is one of the bridal makeup courses that will boost your career.

Advance Makeup course

Course details :

In the bridal makeup classes, we impart training in techniques involved in traditional, classic and contemporary bridal makeup, hi-definition makeup and makeup look required for editorial photography

The classes are held 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) for 3 hours per day and the duration is 2 months. In this course also, we offer a product kit for use.

This makeup certificate course has numerous topics to cover:

  • Theory – Advance correction and derma theory
  • Theory- HD makeup
  • Demo of HD Makeup
  • Theory – Bridal
  • Demo of Bridal
  • Theory – Airbrush
  • Demo – Airbrush
  • Reception Makeup
  • Portfolio shoot

As we guarantee 100% placement, so you can expect an annual CTC package between 2.8 – 3 LPA.

3. Prosthetic Makeup Course :

This is one of the professional makeup artist courses which has a humongous demand in the entertainment industry. With a rise in the horror genre flicks and experiential movies or series, the demand for prosthetic makeup artists is increasing every day.

Course details :

In this specialized field of makeup artistry, we teach how to use sculpting and moulding to create a look that could transform the appearance of actors. You can also learn a variety of enhanced three-dimensional character looks and effects from aging and injuries to all sorts of creatures.

Imagine you will have an opportunity to work with television actors and the appreciation you will get after your challenging work. It surely is worth it and a win-win deal if you enroll for this course.

4. Diploma in Makeup & Hair Styling Course :

This is a professional makeup and hair course designed for students who would love to pursue their career as a professional. Anyone who is trained in the hair and makeup courses, can start a full-fledged career in the makeup artistry field.

Bridal Makeup course

Course details :

As this is a diploma course, so in our curriculum, we cover all topics of Self, Basic and Advanced makeup artist certification courses.

The classes are held 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) for 3 hours per day and the duration is 4 months. In this course also, we offer a product kit for use.

In addition to the detailed bridal makeup tips and techniques, we guide on hair styling tips and techniques. We cover the following:

  • Understanding hair textures
  • Hair Consultation
  • Product knowledge
  • Hair Drying/Sectioning/Welcro Setting
  • In curls / Out Curls
  • Straightening
  • Curls with Ironing and Tongs
  • Bridal Buns
  • Hot Rollers Setting
  • Applying Hair Extensions
  • Vintage Buns
  • Different Types of Braiding

With a 100% placement, the average annual CTC package ranges from 3 – 4.2 LPA.

Short Term Courses

At MeriBindiya Academy, we also have specialized short term courses for those who have already been trained in the basic makeup course. Here we have divided the Advanced Makeup Course into 3 separate courses. Based on your interest, choice and convenience, you may choose any or all makeup certificate courses to add on to your skill-set and experience:

  1. Self Makeup Course

In the modern, selfie-obsessed world,every girl wishes to look like a gorgeous diva on all occasions. We teach light makeup so that you do not have to worry about assistance when you have to go to that much-awaited evening party or your best friend’s wedding. In this makeup course, we guide you on how to look your best.

Self Makeup Course

Course details :

In this makeup course, we help the trainees with the basic tricks of makeup and a few basic technicalities. Being known as the best makeup academy, we live up to the expectations of the trainees so we train them under professional celebrity artists.

The classes are held 3 days a week (Monday – Friday) for 3 hours per day and the duration is 2 weeks. We offer a product kit as well. The course covers a handful of techniques and trick like:

  • Theory of Makeup and Foundations
  • Foundation Application
  • Shadow Application
  • Glitter Application
  • Liner and Kajal Application
  • Lipstick Application
  • Practical in Eye Makeup
  • Practical in Full Dress
  • Practical in Self Makeup
  • Practical in Saree Dupatta Draping

2. Bridal Makeup Course:

Who does not want to add grace to the bride on her wedding day? If transforming a girl into a bride fascinates you, then you must enroll in this course to pave a way for yourself as a bridal makeup artist. Undoubtedly, a bridal makeup course is one of the most demanding and rewarding profiles in the industry. In India, the scope is endless as every bride demands the services by a professional.

Course details:

The classes are held 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) for 3 hours per day and the duration is 1 month. In this course, we offer a product kit for use.

In the bridal makeup classes, the following topics are covered:

  • Theory-Advance Correction and Derma Theory
  • Theory- MAC Bridal Makeup
  • Demo of MAC Bridal Makeup
  • Theory- HD Bridal Makeup
  • Demo of HD Bridal Makeup
  • Theory – Bridal Airbrush Makeup
  • Theory – Bridal Airbrush Makeup
  • Theory – Bridal Airbrush Makeup
  • Portfolio Shoot

The average CTC starts from 3 LPA and can move on to 4.8 LPA. So you can work as a freelancer or you can also work with big agencies to achieve your dreams.

3. HD Makeup Course:

HD Makeup is picking up momentum among the brides all over the world and especially India and so is the demand for the HD makeup artists in the industry. The HD makeup is high end and glazed with light-diffusing coverings that helps dim the light when reflected back. It gives a flawless and radiant finish as it hides the uneven texture, blemishes, pores, scars, etc.

Course details:

In this makeup artist certification, our expert instructors train to make you future-ready.

The classes are held 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) for 3 hours per day and the duration is 1 week. We provide you with a product kit for use.

We cover the following topics:

  • Theory- HD Bridal Makeup
  • Demo of HD Bridal Makeup
  • Portfolio Shoot

With a 100% placement, the average annual CTC package ranges from 4.2 – 4.9 LPA. The freelancers also earn quite well.

4. Airbrush Makeup Course:

Airbrush makeup is all about a lightweight makeup that is applied with the help of an airgun instead of sponges, brushes, fingers or any other methods. Due to the use of an airgun, a mist of foundation is created. It has gained popularity in the last few years in bridal and party makeup. With the airgun, the foundation blends perfectly resulting in a radiant and elegant finish. It is also used in films and events at the global level.

This makeup lasts long even on oily skin. Keeping in mind the current trend, one must learn the Airbrush technique.

Course details:

This is one of the most demanding MUA makeup academy courses. This certificate makeup course duration is for 1 week and the classes are held 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) for 3 hours per day.

In this professional makeup artist course, we take the trainee through the following topics:

  • Theory – Bridal Airbrush Makeup
  • Demo – Bridal Airbrush Makeup
  • Portfolio Shoot

The average annual CTC package for an airbrush makeup artist ranges from 4.4 – 4.9 LPA.

For all inquiries related to admission, you can contact us on 08130520472. We are open 7 days a week from 10:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M.

As we understand that some of you may not be able to turn up for the weekday classes due to a busy working schedule, you will not miss out on learning the skills. The good news is that we conduct weekend classes on Sat/Sun as well. For the course details, timings and duration, you may contact the above mentioned number.

Gear up to create stunning looks by laying the foundation, brushing up on the skills and give your career a makeover!

At MeriBindiya Academy experiment with beauty trends, products and tools and have in-depth knowledge about cosmetology from the experts of the industry. They will guide you step by step on how you can make it big in the industry.

Play with colors and transform! Surround yourself with beauty and make beauty your business!

MeriBindiya International Academy Noida
2nd Floor, Veer Singh Palace, Near Sector 18 Metro Station,
Behind Vinayak Hospital, Sector 27, Noida

Any Course Query, Call — 8130520472 / 9582133349

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