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Best Bridal Makeup Tips For Destination Wedding

Best Bridal Makeup Tips For Destination Wedding

Oh! so lucky it’s a destination wedding. The luxury location, the serene environment will amp up the fun of your wedding days. With the colourful setting, romance, dance, emotions, there is a lot more to the picture. 

Another important thing about the destination wedding is the bridal makeup. This is very significant as you need to put your best look forward. No matter how good your makeup artist is, a little knowledge and tips about makeup can retain your fresh look. After all, you deserve the best. To look extra beautiful on your D-day, follow the guide below. Here’s your guide to stun everyone on your wedding day:

Pamper your skin

The excitement of the wedding is followed by stress too. It’s the feeling and emotions that can dull your look. So, a week before your wedding, apply coconut oil to your skin to hydrate. Coconut oil is applicable only if you have dry skin.

Exfoliate with natural ingredients, go for a spa treatment. It will prepare your skin for the makeup. Moreover, it will add softness and brightness to your face. Also, don’t forget your night cream and under-eye serum. These small tips will help you dazzle more than your destination wedding cost

Sunscreen, the protector

Sunscreen is essential, especially if you are having a beach wedding. Exposure to the sun can damage your skin even though your makeup is on. So, a good sunscreen with SPF 50+ is recommended, if you have a destination marriage

Apply sunscreen before an hour you set out. Now, enjoy in the bright sun without worrying about skin getting damaged.

Face the light

With different choices of shadi destinations, you need to match the tone of the environment. So, while you get your makeup done, face towards the light.

It will help to blend your bridal makeup seamlessly and give a flawless look. So, all your brides turn your face towards the light for a supple look. 

Pick the products wisely

A makeup artist will guarantee a flawless look. However, your choice matters too. It’s better to keep a natural look than heavy makeup on your destination wedding. Moreover, if it’s a beach wedding, the heavy makeup look may irritate you. After all, comfort is crucial to spend your day happily.

Always go for a waterproof and long-lasting product. A light compact powder is your perfect choice for the best wedding makeup looks. And for a concealer and primer, go for a mattifying shade, conceal your eyes well to hide dark circles.

Lastly, don’t forget to use the setting spray.

Sparkling eyes and luscious lips

Eyes and lips define your beauty, thus proper eye makeup and lipstick can make you look just wow. As mentioned above, for a perfect Dulhan makeup look, use waterproof mascara and kajal. And keep the eyeshadow natural. 

Now, coming to your lip colour,  keep it dark or light depending on the wedding timing. Use moisturizing lipstick to avoid dryness. Also, define your lips with a colour pencil to enhance your look.

“Touch-up Kit” your another accessory

There is always a need to touch up your makeup, no matter what products you use. Ask your bridesmaids to keep the kit with them, so you can touch up whenever needed. 

All you need to keep in your touch-up kit is a mirror, tissue paper, compact powder,  eye concealer, lipstick and eye and foundation blending brush. 

So, all you brides, are you ready to add that extra glow to your look? Follow the above guide to shine with the best bridal make-up for your destination wedding. Let your exuberant energy reflect in your beautiful glowing face.


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