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5 Reasons to Book a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Bridal Makeup

Professional Makeup Artist

A wedding is not less than any fairytale for a bride. It is your big day. The wedding venue is decked up with fresh and fragrant flowers, guests have arrived and the photographer is all set to capture each and every sweet moment…but are you ready?

Your wedding day is the most cherished and memorable day of your life. Fast forward fifty years and it will continue to be the most special day of your life. The wedding day is one day in the chapter of life when you should be treated like a princess. So many hopes and wishes you were having for years, for this day soon will be fulfilled. Your day will not just be remembered from the fond memories, but also through the pictures that captured those special moments. Hence, it is not something that you can take lightly.

While planning and finalizing the multiple vendors for your wedding, what you cannot afford to skip is the best bridal makeup artist. It continues to remain an essential part of the planning phase till date. The wedding makeup artist plays a vital role in making you look flawless.  

Here we are with the five reasons as to why it is imperative to book a professional bridal makeup artist for your D-day:

1. Be Stress-Free and relax

This is one day when you deserve to be treated like a princess. You are already feeling nervous and going through mixed emotions. You have to take care of so many things and that is when a professional bridal makeup artist comes to your rescue. As you cannot manage everything alone, so the two most vital things- wedding hair and makeup should be taken care of by a professional who can give the best bridal makeovers for your D-day. This will let you remain stress-free and happy.

2. Knowledge of application techniques

Having knowledge about bridal hair and makeup techniques make it easy for them to apply to the bride. The bridal makeup artist has studied the art of their craft. Playing with colors is in their DNA.  Even the professional and both freelancer makeup artist are well versed with the latest techniques and products which acts as an advantage for the bride. They will be perfect in everything starting from the foundation shade matching your skin tone, lipstick to the perfect eyeliner. When your beauty team rolls in at the location, they give the best outcome keeping in mind your skin type and the theme of the function. They will fix your brows to frame your eyes and also cover that last minute pimple. Basically, there will be a multitude of things that a professional bridal makeup artist has been trained for.

When it comes to doing makeup as per the theme, like romantic makeup for a wedding or smokey wedding makeup or an Asian wedding makeup, you can be rest assured that the bridal makeup artist will choose the color matching the theme, unique character, and features.

3. Professional products used are lasting

The professional grade products have been engineered for specific applications. Their bridal hair and makeup kits are always stocked with superior quality products that last long and it takes years to gain the experience of applying it perfectly. These products make the bride look stunning and the makeup lasts all day and night.

Their products will not give you skin allergies. They understand that the skin type of every bride differs and accordingly, they apply the best suiting your skin.

4. Photos last a lifetime

The most important investment other than your makeup and hair will be on photography. You need to look your absolute best for the lens. If you have flawless makeup and hair done through a good bridal makeup artist, then it will add to your confidence and beauty. The photos will come out exceptionally well. Your wedding pictures remain with you forever. The wedding makeup artist knows that some elements of your makeup will be 30% lighter in photographs than in real life. The exact amount of product will be applied to your face to ensure that you look your best in the photos and this can only be done by a professional.

5. You get what you pay for

As you spend thousands of bucks for perfecting the small details like on your dress, jewelry and footwear, the photographer, venue, and décor, then why would you like to skimp on your face? You will come across countless wedding hair and makeup packages from endless salons and freelance mua, but you need the best bridal makeup artist, so go through the portfolio online and check the reviews of the consumers. You can compare the wedding makeup prices of all as the bridal makeup price list varies depending on the type, quality, and experience you are looking at, so take a wise decision and choose the best.

Now you know how essential it is to book a professional who excels the craft of makeup. We highly recommend Meribindiya as we are the leading professionals in Bridal Services and have the team of best bridal makeup artists in their team. we are based in Noida and offer an extensive range of pre bridal packages all across Delhi NCR. we can do any type of makeup depending on the theme of function, skin type, and dress color. we provide makeup services at the venue for all occasions like engagement, wedding, reception, anniversary, party and photoshoots.

If you are seeking for an asian bridal makeup artist or the best indian makeup artist or a freelancer makeup artist for wedding venue, then you must book us because we look after your skin, highlight your best features, adds magic to your experience, ensure perfection, give a natural and cohesive look. we work in your comfort zone because our team understand that you want to feel comfortable while getting ready for the most special day. You can invest in them and that will be a wise decision.

You can book them by contacting them on 08130520472. You can call them for any inquiry on all 7 days a week between 10:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M.

Enjoy every bit of your experience as you are WORTH IT…

Happy Planning!


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