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Diploma in Aesthetics: Course and Jobs

Diploma in Aesthetics | Course and Jobs Opportunities

Who doesn’t want to look their best? Everyone is looking for various beauty options and fashion trends. And if you are someone who loves to help people look their best with the latest trends and fashion, this course of Diploma in Aesthetics is for you. This course can also be sometimes misinterpreted as a diploma in beauty or a diploma in cosmetology. But surely it’s not the same.

When we look at the beauty and fashion industry nowadays, it’s not the same. The field of beauty and fashion is not just a make-up industry nowadays. It has combined beauty and wellness. When we talk about Aesthetics, It is a relatively new way of studying the beauty industry extensively.

With a boom in the beauty and fashion industry, the need for well-trained professionals has also increased. This increasing need for advanced professionals in this field has been fulfilled by institutions by offering various diploma courses. The list of diploma beauty courses is quite long.

In this article, we are going to know all about a diploma in Aesthetics with a detailed analysis of courses and job opportunities after the diploma that you can get from Meribindiya International Academy.

Course Details and Eligibility for Diploma in Aesthetics

Diploma in Aesthetics Eligibility, Course Duration, Career Options

The minimum eligibility criteria for this course is class 10th. The students can also join after variation also. The course requires no previous course preferences and knowledge of beauty and fashion. This is a fully extensive course on beauty and wellness.

Course contents:

  • The course is designed to make you a complete beauty expert. With expertise in make-up from tip to toe.
  • The course offers you a skill set that is unmatchable and extensive. It covers beauty courses including hair and face make-up all the way from basics to most advanced methods.
  • The course includes personal grooming and cares like manicure, pedicure, cleaning, facial, and also superficial hair removal methods.
  • The course starts with basics and ends with advanced beauty technology development studies like glycolic peels and facials and also the basics of cosmetic laser treatment methods.

Course Duration of diploma in Aesthetics

The duration of the course is generally 1 to 1.5 years. The course durations depend on the college you opt for. Some colleges offer a course duration based on hours that generally range from 650 to 700 hours. The timing is flexible for these institutions.

Career opportunities after Diploma in Aesthetics

This course opens doors to many different career opportunities for students. This course provides an all-around development of students. So, after a diploma in Aesthetics, the student is fully groomed to join any industry and provide their professional duties with full confidence and precision.

The course is a boon for students wanting to make carers in the beauty and wellness industry. This course gives certification of professional beauty and wellness experts to its students. Which they can produce anywhere to get an extra edge in their career.

Let’s look at some of the career options.

  • After a Diploma in Aesthetics, a student can start their own private beauty salon and start doing personal grooming for their customers. This can include pedicure, manicure, make-up, facials, etc.
  • For someone looking for a career in the cosmetic industry, this course can be a great help. Cosmetic companies look for candidates who have a professional degree in the field of beauty and this diploma is one of the best among diploma in beauty culture and various other diploma in beautician courses.
  • This diploma can also help students to start a career in medical sciences as a cosmetic expert in laser treatment. The expertise and skill students learn in a diploma in Aesthetics are of great help there.

Why Enroll in Meribindiya International Academy?

Meribindiya is a one-stop solution for beauty services and learning desires. From basic makeup to advanced professional skills, people in India are joining the firm without a second thought. And it is happening smoothly because Meribindiya Academy provides you the practical training on hundreds of clients who comes for beauty-related services.

Above all, we have industry expert trainers who help with an easy learning curve and 100% job placements as well.

Meribindiya Academy Contact Details:

Call: 9582133349

Visit: Shop No – 1, 2nd and 3rd Floor, Sunehri Market, near Sector 18, Atta, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301


The diploma in Aesthetics is one of the most preferred courses among students willing to make a career in the beauty and wellness industry. This Is a great course to learn soft skills and professionally get proficiency. It provides a full package of courses that can make your skillset stronger and help you be confident and ahead of the world.


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