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International Cosmetology Course at Meribindiya

International Cosmetology Course at Meribindiya

With upgrading generation, our make up world is also increasing and updating. Makeup is very important also as it gives a special touch and expression also confidence.

Makeup is something that values girls and its loveable also protects them from UV raises. Nowadays, cosmetology or makeup not only makes you beautiful but also protects your skin from dirt and moisture in the air as many makeup products have ingredients that help our skin to be safe and protected. It helps to regenerate new skin and removes dead skin.

Our society has made the negative faces of make-up to girls. Also, girls get to hear negative comments like why they apply makeup and don’t like their natural beauty. But make-up is something which gives confidence and so feels comfortable with it. Society has no right to judge them.

Makeup is being used in all different countries and regions, every girl has their own choice of wearing make-up. Some girls are aware and some girls are not. But no need to worry, it can be learned from beauty school. The beauty school gives a proper way of learning and also the benefit of is to move further and open the door of opportunities.

The world’s best and most reasonable beauty school is at Noida, The Meribindiya International academy provides training to all those from fresher to all those young women who want to learn and grow in the makeup of the industry.

Girls love applying makeup as it gives expression, confidence, creative, makeup fits the girls and it also gives small pampering to self. The Academy trains all international cosmetology techniques. The Meribindiya academy provides all types of cosmetology courses and beautician courses. Here, we use International products and made proper use of them.

Services Provided By Meribindiya Makeup Artist Team

Services Provided By Meribindiya Freelance Makeup Artist Team

Bridal make up

Meribindiya International Academy provides makeup over to bridal and makes the day memorable. It gives elegance to the girl and makes a beautiful like a doll.

Engagement make up

It takes orders for the engagement party and blushes the doll and makes the day of the girl. It just makes the day memorable.

Anniversary make up

After compting a year of marriage, the meribindiya dolls the girl in such a way that it remembers her marriage day.

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Party make up

Every girl and women want to enjoy a party and look beautiful with a glance, Meribindiya makes the most beautiful princess with all the make-up technique.

Reception and photoshoot makeup

Nowadays, the photoshoot is becoming the trend, everything is captured in a photo. It requires thin and smooth make-up. It does the make-up which helps to look beautiful.

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Courses Provided at The Meribindiya International Academy

Courses Provided at The Meribindiya International Academy

Diploma courses in cosmetology

This course provides a diploma in cosmetology, it trains all the freshers and all those who want to learn the basics. This course trains using all types of cosmetic products.  It teaches how to access the brush, how to blush, and makes the face beautiful like a doll.

Certification in Makeup

For all beginners, this is the perfect beautician course that teaches and trains how to conceal with concealer. It trains for training basic makeup course. To all those who are starting their career in this.

Duration – It takes two months to get this basic cosmetology course.

Certification course in Hair

Hair is something which is noticed by everyone. Beauticians need to get training for hair.  It gif your deep knowledge of hair it gives beautician training for using machines and how to use colors and different hairstyle as per, the requirements of the client and the attire worn.

Duration – it takes two months to get this course.

Certification course in skin

It’s not only important to do make-up and look be beautiful, but it’s also important to apply makeup as per the skin type. This course teaches how to make-up on all types of skins. If it is acne or dark skin how to apply it to make-up.

Duration – It takes two months to learn and get this course.

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Certification course in nails

Merbindiya International Academy provides all types of diplomas in beautician teaches all types of makeup.  This course teaches course nail shoe, nail polishing ad nail art.

Duration –It takes only a month to cover all this.

Diploma in making up and hairstyle

It provides certification along with teaching, it provides BSc in cosmetology, teaches all types of beautician classes for making and hairstyle. It trains girls for basic hairstyles, advanced hairstyles, and also how to straighten their hair.

Duration – it takes them months to complete this course.


The meribindiya international academy is one stop for all those who learn to make a carrier in make-up. It is a one-stop for all of those who make artists. The International Academy provides foundation courses, beautician courses, and international cosmetology.


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