Small world of manicure is constantly evolving. Among them, Nail art continues to gain followers. 

Let’s analyze what Nail art course is, how to become a nail artist and the career prospects of becoming a nail artist.


Nail art is a method used to “make up” the nails. The term can literally be translated as being the art of decorating the nails. As you might have guessed, the principle is to put decorations on the nails to complete or replace the traditional varnish. Professional Nail Art Courses can give these capabilities.


A nail art technician is a specialist in the beauty of the nails of the hands and the feet. The nail artist masters different techniques:

  • On a short, bitten, or broken nail, she performs an extension; the Nail art expert puts false nails, called “capsules,” on natural nails.
  • The nail artist then performs modelling of the nails, either with resin, very resistant and hardens in the open air, or with gel, more natural, which dries under a UV lamp.
  • At the client’s request, the Nail art specialists beautify the nails. The techniques are varied. The nail technician must also know how to perform French manicures, colour gradients, apply rhinestones on the nail or draw patterns (nail art).
  • After three to four weeks, the nail having grown back, empty space appears at the base of the nail. The nail artist, therefore, performs a filling. First, she maintains the nails, cuts them, and files them; then, she ironed a layer of gel to hide the space.
  • Products applied to nails cannot be removed with nail polish remover. If the client wishes to remove her manicure, she must therefore return to the salon, where the nail technician files the gel or soaks the nails in a solution to remove the resin.
  • She must be careful not to damage the natural nails and respect scrupulous hygiene to avoid infections. She should also identify and report any toenails that are suffering from yeast infection in order to avoid passing them on to subsequent clients. She must regularly change files, sterilize her instruments, and clean her worktable.
  • In the salon or the institute, the Nail art specialist may be required to perform other tasks such as welcoming the client, taking payments, making an appointment, etc.


The salary of a Nail art specialist depends on the services and the framework: you can work in a salon or freelance. However, the monthly gross salary of a beginner is about Rs 30000 – 50000


The job requires being rigorous and attentive: the nail artist must inquire about the allergies and medical treatments of his client (the installation of nails on people who are going to be hospitalized is not recommended, as well as for diabetics). A poorly performed manicure can lead to deformation or fragility of the nail, or even infections if the natural protection of the nail is damaged and it is in direct contact with the toxins of the products used.

To become a nail artist you must complete the Nail Technician course.  There are various courses like Diploma in nail technology, Acrylic & gel nail courses and Certified nail technician courses are available at Meribindiya International Academy. Good manual dexterity is also required: the nail polish must be impeccable; designs and ornaments nails require great care.  Nail art design courses at Meribindiya International Academy are highly professional and career oriented.

Finally, as in other aesthetic and cosmetic professions, the nail technician must have a neat appearance and a good sense of contact.

Nail Artist: Career/Possibility of Development:

Special Skills are required to practice as a nail artist. You can therefore apply based on experience in hairdressing salons, spas, or beauty institutes. However, if a nail artist wants to advance in his career and access positions as a brand representative, institute director, or trainer, it is recommended to obtain at least a Certificate course in nail art.

It is also possible to access the profession by setting up an account. It will then be necessary to choose a status (auto-entrepreneur, micro-company?), as well as a place of practice: at home or by opening an institute. This solution will suit the most motivated: this implies, in fact, a lot of canvassing to build up a clientele, and even when travelling home, a small budget is necessary to buy the equipment (UV lamp, instruments, and products).

Becoming a nail technician: training required.

The profession of Nail art expert is accessible on experience or after training in a school. No diploma is required to install false nails; on the other hand, according to the legislation, only graduates of anaesthetic CAP can practice a manicure. Since most nail technicians in an institute are versatile and know how to makeup, style, and perform care, it is recommended to pass this diploma. It is accessible upon leaving college. The training lasts two years. A professional BAC and a BTS (giving access to a Bac + 2 level training) are also offered in this field.

Job situation/context to become a nail technician

Manicure is becoming more common: having beautiful hands is a pleasure, but it is also an asset in the world of work, where a well-groomed appearance is often highly prized. Nail artists must also adapt to technical innovations that appear regularly on the market (in particular new products, such as acryl, silk, or fiberglass).


Meribindiya International Academy can provide you with the best Nail art courses with CIDESCO certification. You get the best internship opportunities in Nail Art and beauty Industry.  Nail Art is an emerging career path in 2021.

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