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Learn Diploma in Makeup and Hair Styling Course from Noida’s Best Beauty Academy,  MeriBindiya International Academy

Learn Diploma in Makeup and Hair Styling Course from Noida's Best Beauty Academy, Meribindiya International Academy

Evolution of the Makeup Industry

The cosmetics industry started small but has grown into a multibillion-dollar worldwide industry. At first, makeup was mainly reserved for special occasions. But with the emergence of modern civilization, makeup became more widely available and has developed into a necessary component of everyday grooming and self-expression. For the same reason, the industry has many opportunities. To begin your career in the cosmetics industry, you must enroll in a reputable beauty school that offers training in makeup and beautician courses.

The beauty industry now offers various products, techniques, and styles to cater to multiple demographics and interests. The market offers different products to accommodate all preferences, such as holographic highlighters, contemporary contouring kits, lipsticks, and traditional foundations. Additionally, the industry has become more diversified by including people of different ages, genders, races, and body shapes in its commercials to encourage individuality.

Roles of Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists

Makeup artists and hair stylists are vital in the beauty and fashion sector. They utilize their artistic abilities and technical expertise to improve their clients’ visual aesthetics.

Makeup Artists 

Makeup artists employ makeup to achieve precise aesthetic goals, such as enhancing facial features, concealing imperfections, and creating striking looks for special events like weddings, photo shoots, and fashion shows. They are skilled in various areas, including bridal and high-end looks and everyday and natural makeup. In addition, makeup artists stay current on the latest developments in products and trends to provide their customers with contemporary appearances.

Hair Stylists

Hair stylists are professionals with cutting, coloring, and styling skills who improve their customers’ overall appearance and personal preferences. They are detail-oriented and well-versed in facial shapes, hair types, and trends. Hairdressers can operate individually or in salons and spas, providing various services to clients, including blowouts, updos, haircuts, and hair extensions.

Diploma in Makeup and Hair Styling Course

The Diploma in Makeup and Hair Styling Course at MeriBindiya International Academy usually includes various subjects to prepare students for success in the beauty sector. The curriculum consists of:

Essential principles of makeup artistry

Comprehension of different skin types, facial structures, color principles, and cosmetics instruments.

Techniques for applying makeup

Learning to master different styles, such as natural, bridal, editorial, and special effects makeup.

Methods for styling hair

Learning how to do blowouts, curling, straightening, updos, braiding, and hair extensions with expertise.

Discussion and interaction with the client

Acquiring interpersonal skills to communicate well with clients, comprehend their requirements, and offer tailored services.

Practices related to cleanliness and safety

Adhering to established guidelines for cleanliness, sanitation, and safety in the workplace.

Skills in business and marketing

Understanding pricing, scheduling, client management, and advertising services across multiple channels.

Career Scope after completing the Diploma in Makeup and Hair Styling Course

Obtaining a Diploma in Makeup and Hair Styling Course provides numerous job prospects in the beauty and entertainment fields. Graduates have the option to follow the subsequent career opportunities.

Makeup Artist

Employed in beauty establishments, spas, makeup stations, or working independently for special occasions like weddings, gatherings, photo sessions, filming, TV, and theater productions.

Hair Stylist

A hairdresser works for a salon, barbershop, or independently to offer hairstyling services to clients, bridal groups, fashion events, and photo shoots.

Beauty Advisor or Consultant

Offering professional guidance on skincare, cosmetics, and hair styling methods at retail stores, beauty counters, or virtual platforms.

Beauty educator

Someone who instructs on makeup application and hairstyling methods at beauty schools, academies, or during workshops and seminars.

Celebrity or editorial makeup artist

This individual partners with famous people, models, photographers, and stylists for significant events, fashion photo shoots, and ad campaigns.


Starting a beauty business, such as a makeup studio, salon, or beauty consultancy, where different beauty services and products are provided.

Due to the increasing need for professional makeup and hairstyling services across different industries, makeup, and hair styling courses allow graduates to discover a wide range of career options and opportunities for professional development.

Benefits of Choosing MeriBindiya International Academy in Noida

When considering a makeup and hair styling course, opting for a reputed academy like MeriBindiya International Academy in Noida offers several advantages:

Industry-relevant curriculum

MeriBindiya Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum designed by industry experts, covering the latest trends, techniques, and technologies in makeup artistry and hair styling.

Experienced faculty

Students receive guidance and mentorship from highly skilled, professional makeup artists and hair stylists passionate about nurturing talent and fostering creativity.

State-of-the-art Facilities

The academy has modern facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, makeup stations, hairstyling stations, and photography studios, providing students with a conducive learning environment.The students will be benefited from our makeup and hairstyle classes. 

Hands-on training

Students gain practical experience through hands-on hairstyle training, workshops, live demonstrations, and industry internships, allowing them to develop their skills and build confidence.

Industry connections

MeriBindiya International Academy has established partnerships with leading beauty brands, salons, spas, and industry professionals, offering students opportunities for networking, internships, and placement assistance.

Certification and recognition

Upon completing the hairstyle training and makeup course, students receive internationally recognized certification, enhancing their credibility and employability in the competitive beauty industry.

Choosing MeriBindiya International Academy ensures that aspiring makeup artists and hair stylists receive a quality education, professional guidance, and practical training to pursue successful careers in the dynamic beauty industry.

Final Thoughts 

The makeup industry has evolved significantly, offering diverse career opportunities for individuals passionate about makeup artistry and hair styling. Completing a Diploma in Makeup and Hair Styling Course equips students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to pursue rewarding careers in salons, spas, film, television, fashion, and beyond.

By choosing a reputed academy like MeriBindiya International Academy in Noida, students can benefit from an industry-relevant curriculum, experienced faculty, modern facilities, hands-on training, industry connections, and certification, paving the way for a successful and fulfilling career in the ever-expanding beauty industry.

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