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Learn Diploma in Hairdressing Course from Noida’s Best Beauty Academy, MeriBindiya International Academy.

Learn Diploma in Hairdressing Course from Noida's Best Beauty Academy, MeriBindiya International Academy

MeriBindiya International Academy, Noida’s leading beauty academy, offering an extensive Diploma in Hairdressing Course. With a comprehensive curriculum, MeriBindiya International Academy fees is affordable and the course is designed to elevate your skills and unleash your creativity, this course covers everything from basic hairstyling to advanced techniques, ensuring you’re well-equipped for a successful career in the dynamic beauty industry. 

Course Overview:

LEVEL-1 (Basic Hairstyling):

Theory and Product Knowledge:

Gain a strong foundation in hairstyling principles and understand the nuances of various hair products in this hair course.

Section Name and Tools Knowledge:

Learn the essentials of sectioning hair and master the tools of the trade with the hair training.

Advance Product Knowledge:

Dive deeper into product specifics, exploring advanced options for different hair types and even cover hair extension course.

Hair Care Knowledge:

In this hairdressing course, understand the fundamentals of hair care, including straight dry, OUT curls, and IN curls demonstration.

Knowledge of Face Shapes:

Learn how to tailor hairstyles based on individual face shapes for a personalized touch with our hair dressing course.

Ironing Straight, Out Curls, and Tong Curls Demo:

Master the art of using styling tools to create a variety of looks, from sleek straight styles to bouncy curls.


If you have been looking for “hairdressing courses near me” that teaches all techniques, then this is the right place. Get hands-on experience with Velcro techniques, adding another dimension to your styling repertoire.

LEVEL-2 (Advance Hairstyling):

Vintage Curls (Hollywood Curls):

Dive into the glamorous world of vintage curls, mastering the iconic Hollywood style with these hair classes.


Learn intricate braiding techniques to create diverse and stylish looks.

Doll Look:

Explore the art of crafting doll-inspired hairstyles for a whimsical touch with our hair courses.

Corporate Bun:

Our hair styling courses for beginners, helps students perfect the sophisticated corporate bun, a staple for professional settings.

Messey Bun:

Discover the intricacies of creating a flawless Messey bun for a chic and polished appearance with this hair stylist certification.

Bridal Buns (Three Types):

Delve into the world of bridal hairstyling, mastering three distinct bridal bun styles.

Two Side Curls with Braids (Party Hairstyling):

Elevate your party hairstyling skills with trendy and eye-catching looks with our hairdresser training.

Party Hairstyle Side Look:

Learn to create dynamic party hairstyles with a focus on side looks for added flair.

Flower Bun (Rose Bun):

Unleash your creativity with floral-inspired buns, adding a touch of romance to your repertoire.

Mermaid Hairstyle:

Explore the enchanting world of mermaid-inspired hairstyles for a whimsical and unique touch with our hairdresser courses for beginners.

Pakistani Hair Do:

Master the art of Pakistani-inspired hairstyles, catering to diverse cultural preferences.

Corporate Hair Look:

Hone your skills in creating professional and sophisticated corporate hairstyles with this hair certification.

Apply Temporary Hair Extension:

Understand the application of temporary hair extensions for versatile styling options.

LEVEL -3 (Advanced Hairdressing):

Client Management:

Develop essential client-handling skills, understanding their needs, behaviour, and requirements.

Product Knowledge:

Enhance your understanding of various hair products for effective client consultations with these hair dresser classes.

Trichology Knowledge:

Dive into the science of trichology, gaining insights into scalp health and hair growth.

Colour Theory:

With our Diploma in Hairdressing, explore the art and science of colour theory, adding a vibrant dimension to your hairstyling.

Machine Hair Style (Blow Dry, Ironing, Tong, Crimping):

Master machine-assisted hairstyling techniques, from blow-drying to crimping.

Deep Conditioning Treatment:

With our hairdressing short courses learn advanced deep conditioning treatments for nourished and healthy-looking hair.

Hair SPA Treatment:

Explore the luxurious world of hair spa treatments for an indulgent client experience.

Hair Shampoo Technique:

Perfect the art of hair shampooing for a refreshing and pampering salon experience in our hair training courses.

Hair Treatment (Home-Made Remedies for Hair Fall & Dandruff, Silky Smooth):

Discover natural remedies for common hair concerns, providing holistic solutions to clients.

Basic Highlighting:

Gain proficiency in basic hair highlighting techniques for subtle yet impactful transformations with our hairdresser academy.

Global Hair Color:

Explore the world of global hair coloring, offering clients a complete transformation.

Hair Dryer Setting:

Learn effective hair dryer settings for various styles, ensuring longevity and client satisfaction.

Hair Section:

Understand the intricacies of different hair sections, a crucial aspect of precise hairstyling.

Knowledge of Different Types of Tong:

Dive into the variety of tong options, understanding their unique effects on hair.


Advance Hair Cut:

Your search for “hairdresser courses for beginners near me” ends here as you can elevate your cutting skills with advanced techniques for diverse and personalized styles.

Volumizing Hair Cut:

Learn techniques to add volume and dimension to your haircuts, creating dynamic looks.

Feather Hair Cut:

Master the art of feathered haircuts, adding a soft and flowing touch to your styles.

Lower Step Cut:

Explore lower step cuts for a modern and trendy appearance.

Step Cut:

Perfect the classic step cut, a versatile option for various hair lengths with our hairdresser program.

Reverse 90 Degree Cut:

Add a unique twist to your cutting skills with the reverse 90-degree cut.

Shag Cut:

Embrace the timeless shag cut, offering a carefree and stylish aesthetic.

Bob Cut:

Master the art of creating sleek and chic bob cuts for a timeless appeal.

Rebounding Technique:

Dive into the world of hair rebounding, offering clients a smooth and straight look.

Smoothing Technique:

With the hair course in Noida, learn advanced smoothing techniques for frizz-free and polished hairstyles.

Keratin Technique:

Explore the benefits of keratin treatments, offering clients long-lasting smoothness.

Kera-Smoothening Technique:

Hone your skills in Kera-smoothening techniques for diverse client preferences.

Hair Spa Treatment with Ampoules & Infusions:

Elevate your spa treatments with the infusion of ampoules for enhanced results.

Ola Plex Technique:

Master the Ola Plex technique for stronger and healthier hair transformations.

Wella Plex Technique:

Explore the Wella Plex technique for vibrant and long-lasting color results.

Iron Curl Blow Dry (In Curls & Out Curls):

Perfect the art of creating curls with an iron, offering clients diverse styling options.

Hair Perming Knowledge:

Understand the science of hair perming, providing clients with curly and textured looks.

Applying Hair Extension Temporary:

Add versatility to your styling with temporary hair extensions, catering to diverse client preferences.


Men’s Hair Cut:

Master the art of men’s hairstyling, offering tailored cuts to suit different preferences.

Hair Trimming:

Enroll at our hair academy in Noida and learn precise hair trimming techniques for clean and well-maintained styles.

Textured Crop Hair Cut:

Explore modern and textured crop haircuts for a contemporary and stylish look.

Fringe Hair Cut:

Master the art of creating trendy fringe haircuts, adding a playful and dynamic touch.

Medium Length Hair Cut:

Hone your skills in styling medium-length hair, offering versatile and fashionable options.

Skin Fade Cut Low Fade Cut:

Explore the popular skin fade and low fade cuts, catering to modern and trendy preferences.

Under Hair Cut:

Add a unique twist to your styling with undercuts, creating edgy and bold looks.

Strong Hair Cut:

Perfect strong haircuts for a bold and confident appearance.

Men’s Beard Designing:

Dive into the art of beard styling, offering grooming options for the modern man.

Mehandi Designing:

Explore the cultural art of Mehandi designing, adding a unique and personalized service to your offerings.

Wrapping Up

MeriBindiya International Academy’s Diploma in Hairdressing Course is the best whether you aspire to be a master stylist, specialize in bridal looks, or excel in men’s grooming, this comprehensive course ensures you are well-prepared for success in the ever-evolving beauty industry. Unleash your creativity, refine your skills, and step into the world of hairstyling with confidence and expertise!

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