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This Self Makeup course is for 6 Days 3 hours per class.

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Self Makeup

Self makeup courses
The self makeup course at MeriBindiya is designed to help individuals learn the basics of makeup application. The course is geared towards individuals of all ages and skill levels. It covers proper skin care, choosing and applying makeup, making makeup look natural, and creating different looks. You will also learn the latest makeup trends and tips from our experienced and certified makeup artists. This course is great for beginners and advanced makeup artists looking to perfect their technique and learn new trends.

Guidance of celebrity experts
Our expert professionals who provide in-person self makeup courses offer a more personalized and comprehensive experience. Our instructors work one-on-one with students to teach advanced makeup techniques and provide real-time feedback and guidance. Both courses provide personalized learning materials and will help you feel confident and empowered to apply makeup.

Why should every woman learn self makeup course?

  • Every woman should take a self makeup course because it gives her the skills and confidence to enhance her natural beauty.
  • By taking the course, a woman will learn the best way to apply makeup and choose the right shades and products that suit her unique features.
  • You will better understand makeup color theory, application techniques, and skincare basics. Self-makeup courses provide practical advice and can help a woman save money by avoiding costly makeup mistakes.
  • With practice and guidance, a woman can develop the skills to apply makeup with ease, confidence, and professionalism.


Self Makeup Courses

#Self Makeup 

  • Theory of Makeup and Foundations
  • Foundation Application
  • Shadow Application
  • Glitter Application
  • Liner And Kajal Application
  • Lipstick Application
  • Self Makeup Pratical
  • Full Dress pratical
  • Eye Makeup Pratical
  • Saree Dupatta Drapping Pratical


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