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Beautician course in Noida | Meribindiya International Academy Noida

Beautician course in Noida | Meribindiya International Academy Noida

Meribindiya International Academy offers the best beautician course in Noida. In this article, we will take a deep insight into the courses available at the academy. We will discuss the benefits and opportunities for beauticians in India. Becoming a beautician will help you to build your career.

Professional Beautician courses in Noida

We are the most credible beautician training academy in Noida. They offer a wide range of courses which will make you a professional beautician. Let’s take a look at the courses available to become a beautician.

Diploma In Skin and Hair

To become a beautician, you can gain knowledge of Hair and Skin. A diploma in Skin and hair will give you detail knowledge of both fields. You start learning foundation skin course in the first few weeks. You will learn types of skins, D-Tan, Waxing and Facials. Also, you learn salon management. After the foundation, we will teach you to advance skin course.


This course includes Advance facials like kit Facials, Thermoherb Facial, Organic fruit Facial, and Acnederm Facial by Machine. You learn some more wax techniques such as Rica wax, Rice B. Wax, Face wax. You also get client management skills.

In the third level of this beautician course, you learn the foundation hair course. This level includes Heena application, shampoo treatments, grey coverage, along Kera treatment for hair fall. Afterwards, you also get a handful of thermal work knowledge such as Velcro setting, Curling styles and Ironing techniques. You will adopt hair cutting skills at this level. We will make you an expert in Hair Treatments and Home Remedies for Hair fall, Dandruff, Silky Smooth Hair, Dehydrated Hair.

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In the last few weeks, you learn advance hair techniques. This module starts with advance hair theory, colour theory and global Hair Coloring. Afterwards, you gain colour wash techniques and Pre-lightning theory. In this eight-month-long course, you gain every essential skill to become one professional beautician.

Advance Diploma in Cosmetology

Cosmetology is another state of the art beautician training course from Meribindiya International Academy. This eight-month diploma starts with a foundation skin course. In this beautician training, you learn facials, D-tan, threading, body polishing and salon management in this phase. Secondly, you will learn a foundation hair course.

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In this module, you learn various hair cuts, Sheena application, shampoo techniques and grey coverage. Afterwards, you will get client handling skills. This course includes home remedies for hair problems as well as Kera treatment for hair fall. Foundation Makeup Course is the module you learn in this beautician training.

In this phase, you learn the basic fundamental theory of makeup like face structures, products, brush types, personal hygiene and makeup Knowledge. Makeup theory includes contouring, Highlighting, Blusher and Eye Shadow Application. Then you will learn makeup practicals and makeup types such as day makeup, party makeup, nude makeup and festival makeup.

In the last phase of this beautician course, you learn nail art. Nail art is a unique skill, and you can make a promising career in this field. You learn nail art, nail colouring, colour removal, nail shapes etc.

Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology

In this 15-month post-graduation beautician course, students learn basic and advance skin and hair courses. This course also includes a primary and advance makeup course. You will also get knowledge of nail art and nail extension. In this beautician training, you will become an expert in the beauty field. You will learn many kinds of facials, hair cuts, hairstyles, beauty and skin treatments.

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This beautician course is a complete package of advance cosmetology treatments and techniques. You will learn to handle all advance machines and products. You will able to handle your salon after learning salon management and client handling. This course will teach you basic to advance methods to do best practice in the industry.

Benefits of becoming a beautician

These three beautician courses are available at Meribindiya International Academy. After completing the course, you will get certified as a beautician. So let’s see what the benefits of becoming a beautician are.

  1. You can work as an independent beauty service provider and earn a good income by offering makeup, hair and skin care services.
  2. You can get good job opportunities from many salons and spa as a beautician.
  3. You can start your salon as you get salon management, product knowledge as well as treatment skills.
  4. You can start an academy in small towns for beauty courses.
  5. You can join the beauty training academy as a trainer.

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