How Bridal Makeup Skills Can Add A New Income Source In 2022

How Bridal Makeup Skills Can Add A New Income Source In 2022

Every Bride wants to make their wedding day memorable. They want to look amazingly beautiful on this very important day of their lives. It is an essential event in everyone’s life. So, they want to make it memorable. Here a bright bridal makeup artist can make the bride look astonishingly beautiful. So, there is a huge demand for brilliant bridal makeup artists to enhance the beauty of the bride. The beauty industry is reaching new heights every day. 
It is estimated that the beauty industry will grow by 14% next year. It is also a very stable industry. There are endless opportunities in this field. It is one of the most popular career options out of other beauty careers. So, if you love to do make-up and can do wonders with brushes, colors, etc then this is the best career option for you. You need one Best bridal makeup training course to become successful in this industry.

How Bridal Makeup Artists Can Earn Money

There are numerous ways by which you can earn a good sum of money in this field. There are endless opportunities for a skilled and talented bridal makeup artist.

  1. Jobs at the salon: Every salon recruits are a good bridal make up artist. The bride can come to the salon to get her makeup and hair done and then directly go to the wedding. This used to happen in the past but some cities still have this approach. Nowadays these professional bridal makeup artists come to the wedding venue and do the makeup for the bride. You work in a team with other artists. The starting salary of the bridal makeup artist at the salon is around 30,000-60,000 per month. 
  2. Freelancer Bridal Makeup Artist: Freelancing gives the artist the freedom to work independently according to her conditions. The artist can take up the work whenever she is free to take it. They can set their schedule and work according to it. As a freelance bridal makeup artist, there are endless possibilities for you to earn a good sum of money. 
    The earning in this field depends upon your experience, portfolio, and the number of clients you have. You can earn around 80,000 to 100,000 rupees each month as a freelance bridal makeup artist.
  1. Owning a salon: The beauty industry is very stable. It is not much affected by any kind of recession. Whatever happens, a bride wants to look fantastically beautiful at her wedding. So, there is relatively no effect of any crisis on the beauty industry. 
    It is growing fast making a great scope for makeup artistry and other beauty skills. Owning a salon is a challenging task.  It needs a good amount of understanding and experience. Since you own a salon you must have a talented, skilled, and experienced team. Your salon can get hired for an entire wedding. At a wedding, you can also do the makeup for the bride’s sister, mother, and a handful of relatives. This will increase your income. Salon owners earn around 1,00,000- 2,50,000 per month.

How to become a Bridal Makeup Artist

There are lots of international institutes that provide you with makeup artistry courses. You need to take up a certificate/ diploma course on makeup artistry. You can either take a bridal makeup course and then specialize in the bridal makeup field or can directly go for a specialized bridal makeup course. There is no such eligibility issue. Anyone and everyone can do this course and give a new direction to their career. 

If you have a knack for makeup then you can do this course regardless of your age, gender, etc. There are a few qualities that are important to cultivate for being a really good bridal makeup artist. The qualities are Communication skills, Negotiation skills, creative and imaginative thinking, customer service skills, etc. 

When you take up a professional Bridal Makeup course you acquire all the necessary knowledge about the skin, face structure, makeup products, machines and technologies used, etc. During the course, you also gain real-life experience and confidence by doing internships. All set to give your career a new direction by taking up a bridal makeup artistry course but don’t know which course to start with? We have a solution to this problem. You can take up the professional Bridal makeup artist course at Meribindiya international beauty academy.

Meribindiya Bridal Makeup Course:

Meribindiya International beauty academy has a wide variety of makeup courses. We have beginner-friendly courses to advanced bridal makeup courses to enhance the skills of professional makeup artists. The Bridal makeup courses are internationally acknowledged and provide you with CIDESCO certification. The CIDESCO certification is an international beauty course certification. These courses are well designed by experienced and trained professionals who are well versed with the latest trends and technologies. 

These talented professionals will make you a beauty expert. We also have a very supportive staff that is available 24/7 to help you and solve your queries. Things you will be taught throughout the course: you will be getting all information about skin (skin type, skin tone, etc) and different types of face structures. You will be taught about all the products and machines used in the makeup industry. You will learn about different types of brushes and their appropriate uses.  

You will learn about contouring, eye shadow application, different types of eye makeup, highlighting, and blushers. The Bridal makeup artistry course also has an internship included. You can gain experience during your internships. If you are skilled and talented then you have a chance of being a part of the Meribindiya bridal team. 


The beauty industry is on a boom nowadays. Bridal Makeup artistry is one of the famous career options. It is a glamorous career option that demands hard work. You can give a head start to your bridal makeup artistry career by joining our Professional Bridal makeup courses at Meribindiya international beauty academy.

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