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How to Become a Certified Nail Technician? – Course Details, Academy, Fee, and Career scope!

How to Become a Certified Nail Technician? – Course Details, Academy, Fee, and Career scope!

Nail art and extension care like manicure, pedicures, and unique nail treatment need a lot of professional touch and expertise for the perfect finishing. Many people remain unknown from their talents and seek professions that were never meant for them. Why not earn out of what you enjoy? If you want to pursue a full-fledged career in nail art and appropriate treatment, you can become a nail tech. But, there might be many questions running down your mind, such as how to become a nail technician? How much does it cost to be a nail technician? What are the career prospects and salary of a professional nail artist?

Let’s find out the answers to all these queries one-by-one.

Who are nail technicians?

Also known as Manicurists, these experts are broadly acknowledged for performing pedicures and manicures. Other functions that they perform include artificial nails application, nail care along with unique foot and hand treatments. Such professionals are certified technicians to take care of your toenails and fingernails. They can also advise their clients about the right product selection for hand and foot care. Scope after pursuing nail
art certificate courses is much more than you can imagine as they also carry out various treatments, nail art applications, and extensions.

Job responsibilities of a professional Nail Technician

1. Nail care –

An expert nail tech understands the texture and type of client’s nails and
suggests remedies accordingly.

2. Manicure –

There are several types of manicures, and a good technician is well-versed
with all the options. It can extend to hand care along with fingernails.

3. Pedicure –

A good technician can transform the foot condition with a suitable pedicure
treatment for the toenails and the feet.

4. Nail Extensions –

Nail artists also manage the application and care of artificial nails
either over the whole nail or on the tip. Gel nails or acrylics are the common options for this.

5. Nail art –

Professional nail artists learn about nail art’s latest trends and work on nail
polishing and embellishment with the latest colors and glitters.

Eligibility for a nail technician

If you wish to become a certified nail technician, it is vital that the aspirant is at least 12th class pass and owns a certificate in nail art or technology. Candidates can search for a nail art academy near me and find the most reputed school offering such courses and certifications. You can opt for basic to advanced level courses depending on the prior experience or pre-ownership of any other certificates.

Skills for a professional nail technician

While you learn how to be a nail technician, it is also vital to make a list of essential skill set that you must possess. Concentration is key to expertise. If you are not diligent about the task in your hands, there are high chances that you might make a mistake and lose your client forever. A better alternative is to develop an exciting and engaging chat with your client and get access to their requirements.

Another crucial skill of a good nail technician is creativity. Nail art requires a lot of innovation and personalized touch to your work. Above all, you must have an out-of-the-box color sense to make the nails look astonishing.

Nail tech needs to have excellent customer bonds and be humble, friendly, polite, and caring. Above all, nail work is an intricate process, and having a steady hold on the hands is the most important thing. Nail designing and application involves very minute details, and a good artist tackles everything with extreme professionalism.

How to become a nail technician?

Here are the steps that can help you to become a certified nail technician:

Step 1

You need to pertain a primary high school education till 12th class and then pursue nail art certificate courses. Several institutes offer such courses on a distance or a regular basis. Duration, fees, and course study for such cosmetology courses might vary from one Academy to another. Professional nail art courses are available to various types of diplomas and certifications.

Diploma/certificate courses:

Step 2

Few renowned salons and Beauty Parlours might need a Bachelor’s Degree course to offer you good pay jobs. Degree, diploma, and certifications are available for this course, similar to other courses. You can take up such courses with leading institutes and Academy in India.

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Fee structure

The course fee for a nail technician depends on the advancement of their certification. For those pertaining to 1-month courses, the average fee might range from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 60,000. However, if you want to get a diploma or a degree in nail technician courses, you might have to pay a higher amount.

Key roles of a Nail Technician

  • With specialized acrylic nail art courses, you can learn about applying, removing, and maintaining such nails.
  • Tool sterilization before every service is also a crucial part of their jobs.
  • They might also provide a specialized foot and hand massage to the clients.
  • Above, maintaining a healthy client relationship is highly essential for them.

Career prospects for a Nail Technician

What are the job or business opportunities for a nail technician? There are many career options for reputed nail artists like working in reputed hair salons or the departmental stores. They can even open up their salon or even hire a rental space for starting up with beauty salons. Other options to work include cruise liners, fashion magazine shoots, or in leading fashion shows.

Freelancing is another emerging trend for those who wish to be a nail technician. Running a mobile salon business by paying a visit to the client’s place or parlors can also be a good prospect.

Apart from the entrepreneurial arena, nail technicians can also get an opportunity to work with popular fashion designers, photographers, TV companies, or fashion shows.

For professional and advanced level nail technicians, there are also comprehensive options available for teaching in colleges, assisting newbies about upcoming nail courses, and providing them training options.

Salary of the nail technicians

Depending on whether you are working as a part-time or a full-time nail technician, your salary might also vary. Your course certificate and your expertise in this field decide your ultimate growth in this career. For beginners, an average salary of Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000 can be expected. Senior-level nail artists can earn up to Rs. 50,000 based on their art. Once
you are pro in this art and seeking professional years of experience, you can earn some whopping amounts by working with any leading fashion magazine or a TV show.

Bottom Line

The above write-up might help you learn everything about how to become a nail technician and what courses are available for the same. You have many career avenues, out of which you can pick any of them as per your convenience and desire. Being a nail technician might take many of your professional skills to deliver the best service to the clients. Hence, even if
you have good nail art skills and polishing, it is advisable to undergo a professional course that validates your excellence in this arena. Take up a good nail tech course today, and convert your dream into reality!


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