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How to Become an Eyelash Technician in 2022?

How to Become an Eyelash Technician in 2022?

We are going to face immense competition in careers. To survive in this situation, we need highly competitive skills. Beauticians, hairstylists, and other exceptional skill-oriented careers are in demand nowadays. If you search best eyelash technician near me, you will find very few names because India has very few. So take a step forward and prepare to become the best eyelash extension expert in your area. Today we will see how to become an eyelash technician.

Things to keep in mind before you jump in

Every career has its pros and cons and has some requirements. Let’s see what you need to keep in mind while taking an eyelash technician course admission.

Legit Certification

There are many cases where people got scammed with the same certifications. Hence, you need to check that the academy you are joining is legit, and academies like Meribindiya provide you with valid certifications accepted by the industry.  

Skilled Trainers

Self Makeup Course

The lash technician course is skill-oriented, consequently you must check that the person who will train you is experienced enough. Meribindiya Academy’s eyelash technicians are highly experienced and well trained to teach this skill, and learning from experts is always a better choice.

Practical knowledge

Before admission to any eyelash course, make sure they offer practical knowledge with theory. Because at last, you need practical knowledge to start your career as an eyelash technician. At Meribindiya Academy, you will get throughout the practical experience, and this practice will help you stand apart from the crowd.

Proper kit

To be successful in the eyelash field, you need proper instruments and products. As the best eyelash course academy in Delhi, Additionally, Meribindiya offers you the best knowledge about the kit you need to make a career in the eyelash technician field.

Internship opportunity

For practical knowledge, you need experience. That’s why you need an internship. Before you take admission to any eyelash technician certification course, make sure they are offering good internship opportunities

Placement opportunity 

Getting good placement is our ultimate goal to join any carrier stream. Hence you need to make sure the eyelash course academy you are joining placement opportunities.

Course price

In the name of high-class facilities, some academies charge unfair prices. You need to list out the best eyelash training academies to compare their prices & facilities. Meribindiya is one of the top beauty course academies in Delhi.

When you get sure of all these points, you can choose the best eyelash training academy for you and move further. Now let’s look at courses you can join in these academies.

Certification courses

Top eyelash academies offer special certification courses to become eyelash technicians. Meribindiya academy in Delhi also offers NSDC approved eyelash technician certification. You can quickly complete this certification in a few days.

Advanced Certifications

You can also join Advance certification programs for beauticians to learn about eyelashes and other beauty skills. If you are ready to learn multiple skills, advanced certifications are the best choice, and advanced certification courses are a few weeks long. Theory, practice, and gain experience while doing internships at reputed salons.

Diploma Courses

Few diplomas can offer you eyelash extension training and other skills such as makeup, hairstyle, and skincare. These diploma courses are highly job-oriented, and diploma courses can be completed in a couple of weeks. You learn theory, practical and can join internships.  

You can talk with meribindiya’s consultants to choose the best eyelash extension classes for you. 

Why Meribindiya International Academy?

Professional trainer

Meribindiya Academy offers training with professional trainers. Their experience and dedication help students to learn eyelash extension more perfectly.

Small class sizes 

Meribindiya International Academy Noida became the top eyelash academy in India because of its small class sizes and provide word class education in beauty industry. In a small class, size trainers can give proper attention to each student, which helps students gain perfect knowledge.

Supported learning environment

Meribindiya Academy offers a great supported learning environment that enables students to learn critical skills like eyelash extension.

ISO certified

Meribindiya Academy is an ISO-certified academy. ISO is a guarantee of perfection and excellence. 

Contact Number +91 81305 20472

Noida’s top academy

Meribindiya is Noida’s top academy in beauty and skincare classes. This title is earned by hard work and excellence for years. You can join eyelash extension classes with Meribindiya if you want to be with Noida’s top academy.

NSDC Certified Course

Meribindiya offers NSDC approved courses. This assures a perfect syllabus that will give you proper knowledge and skill.

Loan facility

To help students, Meribindiya academy offers financial ease. You can get a loan facility at the academy to join Eyelash extension classes in Noida and Delhi.

Earn while learn

You can earn while you learn at Meribindiya Academy. This facility helps a lot to gain experience while fulfilling your own financial needs. 

Besides these things, you can get a free consultation to make a career in the beauty and makeup industry. Proper guidance will help you to be a successful Eyelash extension expert.

What to do after Completing the Eyelash Technician certification course?

We talked about how you can become an eyelash technician in Noida, and we also saw things to keep in mind while choosing a course and academy. Now let’s talk about your scope after becoming an eyelash extension expert. 

  1. NSDC approved certification will help you get an excellent job at reputed salons.
  2. You can start your own salon business if you do other certifications or diplomas like salon management, beautician, and makeup. 
  3. Later can start offering freelance eyelash extension services at various salons and fashion houses.
  4. After gaining some experience, you can train people in eyelash extension.
  5. You can offer your service at various plastic surgery hospitals.
  6. Also you can become a part of Meribindiya’s bridal makeup team.

Call: +91 81305 20472


We hope this article provides all information about a career in eyelash extension. We always try to offer in-depth information to our visitors. Still, if you have any queries, you can contact us at our contact number or visit our Merbindiya Academy in Noida & Delhi.


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