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Microblading Eyebrows Course: Meribindiya International Academy Noida

Microblading Eyebrows Course: Meribindiya International Academy Noida

Microblading is an advanced technique to recreate damaged or removed eyebrows. Microblading eyebrows is a semi-permanent makeup that lasts for a year or two. This technique also works for the one who needs an improvement in the eyebrows. Moreover, some patients who underwent chemotherapy lost their eyebrows, and they are also keen to get the same permanently.

The above stanza signifies the demand for Microblading Eyebrows course, and due to the rise of the fashion industry, the need for Microblading techniques increased a lot. Moreover, the future scope in the relevant sector will give you many job opportunities. In Meribindiya International Academy, you will get a comprehensive microblading course that will enhance your artistic skills, and also, you will get a new technique in your longbow. 

Microblading Eyebrows Process- At a Glance

In the Microblading Eyebrows process, the tools and skilled artists are the pivotal players. The instrument involved in this process is the thin blade composed of minor-shaped needles. The artist makes a small cut at the sparse brows and, after that, fills the space with the tattoo-grade ink.

Now, let’s see what you will learn in the eyebrows courses offered by Meribindiya International Academy. The cut applied on the eyebrows is not so painful, but as an artist, you must be extra attentive while going through the process. However, in the academy, you will learn about the tools, handling process, live execution, and many more.

The syllabus included in Microblading Eyebrows Course

Before heading to the course details, you must be familiar with the syllabus as it gives you insight into the course. Moreover, the Microblading course’s wisdom will help you know everything you will learn in the academy. The topics covered in the study are provided below.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Skin
  • Sterilization of equipment and Safety Norms
  • Various microblading techniques
  • Eyebrows Design
  • A concept of color blending
  • Learning about the proper selection of equipment based on the conditions of eyebrows.
  • Microblading Strokes

The above-listed points are the syllabus that will be covered in the Microblading classes. Once you are done with the eyebrow courses, you will get the document that signifies you have completed the course. But such a document is not enough to get a job or do a microblading practice.

A microblading certification is a must for an artist to execute the microblading process, and for that, you will have to appear for an exam. But wait, to sit on a Microblading Certification exam, you must have a Blood-Borne Pathogens certificate, and you will get the same after competing Blood-Borne Pathogens exam. 

Microblading Certification is offered by the two leading certificate bodies globally, i.e., The Society of Pigment Professionals and The American Academy of Micropigmentation. The former body is worldwide acclaimed, whereas the latter is highly significant in the United States. To go for the certificate exam, you will have to apply to anybody, upload the necessary documents, and give the test. Make sure such a body will charge you against each attempt, so prepare well before sitting for an exam.

Why Choose Meribindiya International Academy for Microblading Course?

Why Choose Meribindiya International Academy for Microblading Course?

Now, you are well versed with the technique and the applications of Microblading. You are also aware that getting microblading Certification is not easy; you must have in-depth knowledge and comprehensive training. Here, in Meribindiya International Academy, you will cover the full course, including every minute detail associated with the syllabus. Moreover, microblading training is an important segment in the course, and this academy provides complete training so that you can become the perfect artist.

This academy retains highly skilled professionals who have years of experience in microblading techniques. So, you will learn a lot under their shadow, and such learning will help you become a certified microblading eyebrows artist. Moreover, the academy also offers eyebrow lamination course, which is high in demand.

So, if you are looking for a microblading course near me, then knock on the door of Meribindiya International Academy, as the pioneer institute has franchises all over India. On the off chance, if you reside in remote places, you can also learn the course through the online classes offered by the academy.

Suppose you are enrolled in the online classes and worrying about the microblading training classes near me. In that case, you can find Meribindiya regional centre in your town and get yourself enrolled. However, if you fail to get to the regional centre, you can move to Noida city to complete your training sessions directly from the Meribindiya HQ.

Bottom Line

The above article is all about Microblading Eyebrows. If you want to make your career in the beauty industry, then the knowledge of microblading is essential that is possible through eyebrow certification classes. Once you get the certificate, you can apply for a job at a top beauty firm or start your own business.


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