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Unlock Your Creativity with Microblading: Join the Microblading Course at Meribindiya International Academy in Noida

Unlock Your Creativity with Microblading: Join the Microblading Course at Meribindiya International Academy in Noida

Are you looking for a career change? Are you looking to get into the makeup industry? If yes, then MeriBindiya International Academy is your best bet. Here you will learn how to unlock your creativity with microblading. Microblading has been around for more than two decades and is gaining worldwide popularity due its flawless results and ease of application.

As a student at MeriBindiya International Academy, you will learn how to apply microblading in different styles such as linear strokes, feathering strokes and various other techniques that will help you achieve perfect results every time with our diploma in microblading courses!

Introduction to Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that gives you a fuller and thicker eyebrow.

It is a form of tattooing, but instead of using needles to insert pigment into the skin, a blade is used to deposit pigment. This technique creates tiny microstrokes that mimic individual hairs by depositing pigments in their place.

How to Get Started with Microblading?

Choosing the right place to learn microblading is very important. The best way to learn microblading is by getting hands-on training from an experienced educator and not just reading books on it. You can also learn through YouTube videos, but they don’t provide you with detailed information about how each step should be done or why it has been done in a particular manner.

The right equipment for microblading includes:

  • Microblading machine(s)
  • Blades (different types of blades are used for different techniques)
  • Pigment tubes (different pigments are used for different techniques)

Learn about microblading from the best facial makeup academy in Noida, Delhi and NCR.

As the best facial makeup academy in Noida, Delhi and NCR; Meribindiya International Academy offers you a wide range of courses related to makeup. The course on microblading is designed by our expert trainers who are well-versed with different kinds of techniques and have years of experience in this field. We provide comprehensive training for beginners as well as advanced learners so that they can learn everything about microblading from scratch or improve their existing skills.

Our instructors will help you develop your creativity so that you can apply various designs on your clients’ faces depending upon their requirements. They will also guide you through various steps involved in creating different styles using this technique including shading & lining technique which requires great precision while working with fine needles over the skin surface respectively called “skin stippling” or “needle stippling”.

Microblading Course Curriculum

If you’re passionate about beauty and want to learn a skill that can transform people’s faces, then microblading might be the perfect career path for you. Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement technique that involves manually depositing pigment into the skin to create natural-looking eyebrows. It has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, and many individuals are seeking professional microblading artists to enhance their eyebrows.

To become a skilled microblading artist, you’ll need to undergo comprehensive training and practice under the guidance of experienced instructors. A well-structured microblading course curriculum will equip you with the necessary knowledge and hands-on skills to master this art form. Let’s explore the typical curriculum you can expect from a reputable microblading course:

  1. Introduction to Microblading:
    • Understanding the history and evolution of microblading.
    • Familiarizing yourself with the tools and equipment used in the process.
    • Exploring the various microblading techniques and their applications.
  2. Skin Anatomy and Physiology:
    • Learning about the structure and layers of the skin.
    • Understanding how the skin heals and reacts to microblading.
    • Identifying skin types and their impact on the microblading process.
  3. Health and Safety Precautions:
    • Practicing proper sanitation and sterilization techniques.
    • Understanding infection control measures to ensure client safety.
    • Complying with local health regulations and industry standards.
  4. Color Theory and Pigment Selection:
    • Studying color theory and its application to microblading.
    • Analyzing different skin tones and selecting appropriate pigments.
    • Exploring color correction techniques for clients with previous eyebrow tattoos.
  5. Brow Design and Face Shapes:
    • Mastering the art of brow mapping to achieve balanced and flattering results.
    • Identifying different face shapes and tailoring eyebrow designs accordingly.
    • Understanding eyebrow symmetry and creating natural-looking arches.
  6. Microblading Techniques:
    • Practicing hair stroke patterns for realistic eyebrow enhancement.
    • Learning shading and ombre techniques for added dimension and depth.
    • Exploring combination techniques to customize results based on client preferences.
  7. Client Consultation and Communication:
    • Developing effective communication skills to understand clients’ needs.
    • Conducting thorough consultations and managing client expectations.
    • Documenting client information and maintaining professional ethics.
  8. Hands-on Practice:
    • Working on artificial skin and practice pads to develop precision and control.
    • Performing live model demonstrations under instructor supervision.
    • Gaining confidence and proficiency through extensive practice sessions.
  9. Aftercare and Touch-Ups:
    • Educating clients on proper post-treatment care and maintenance.
    • Understanding the healing process and addressing common concerns.
    • Mastering the art of touch-ups to ensure long-lasting and satisfactory results.
  10. Business and Marketing Strategies:
    • Learning how to set up a microblading business and comply with legal requirements.
    • Exploring effective marketing strategies to attract clients.
    • Understanding pricing, client retention, and building a strong professional reputation.
  11. Certification and Continuing Education:
    • Taking written and practical exams to demonstrate competency.
    • Obtaining a microblading certification upon successful completion.
    • Exploring opportunities for advanced training and staying updated with industry trends.

MeriBindiya’s comprehensive microblading course curriculum should cover all these aspects to provide aspiring artists with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this field. Remember, mastering microblading requires practice, patience, and dedication. It’s essential to choose a reputable training program and commit yourself to continuous learning and improvement.

Whether you aspire to work in a salon, spa, or establish your own microblading studio, investing in a high-quality microblading course will be a stepping stone towards a rewarding and fulfilling career in the beauty industry.

Learn how to unlock your creativity with microblading.

Microblading allows you to have the appearance of well groomed eyebrows without having to worry about your brows fading over time. As long as you maintain them properly, they can last up to 2 years!

The MeriBindiya International Academy has been providing courses in Microblading, which has helped us build our reputation as one of the best institutes in Noida for learning this technique.


MeriBindiya International Academy is the best facial makeup academy in Noida, Delhi and NCR. We have experienced trainers who can help you unlock your creativity with microblading. You can join our microblading course in Noida today!

If you are passionate about having a career in beauty industry and are looking forward to enroll in a professional beauty courses that include  makeup, nail art, cosmetology, hair stylist, hair dresser, micro blading and much more get in touch with MeriBindiya International Academy. Enroll in our beauty courses that best suits your interest and kickstart your career in the beauty industry. 

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