Best Self Makeup Course in Noida | Self Makeup Classes for Brides to be

Best Self Makeup Course in Noida | Self Makeup Classes for Brides to be

You have loads of products but do not know how to use them? Do you end up purchasing the wrong shade of foundation? Do you have no time for visiting a makeup salon due to back-to-back social gatherings? Does your profession demand you to look good? Is it a dream for you to learn makeup? Do you have spare time and wanna learn something new? Are you a bride to be and want to do your own makeup on small functions?

If your answer is “YES” to above all questions, then you will find this blog quite informative.

Worldwide we can see a trend of people trying and experimenting with their makeup techniques. Every girl wants to look presentable and graceful.

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These days there is a growing number of people who love to upload makeup tutorial videos on social media. Young females aspire to learn new makeup trends and techniques. Some out there want recognition as a professional.

The next question in mind you have is How can I do self makeup? Here is where the self makeup course comes to your rescue, where you will be taught how to choose the right shade of lipstick, pick the right shade of foundation, applying the concealer in the right way, or be it experimenting with shimmers in eye makeup.

Doing self makeup can be a cakewalk for you if you pursue a self makeup course from any beauty academy, where you will get trained by the experts. Apart from the theoretical knowledge, you will get on-the-job training where you can practice.

Some academies may provide a kit or you can buy your kit and practice at home too. You can implement whatever you have learnt like trying out different hairstyles depending on Indian or western or fusion wear.  

In self makeup classes, professionals teach you self-taught makeup tips and techniques, something that they have learnt during all these years of their experience.

self makeup course

Some wish to take up a self makeup course as a hobby, whereas some wish to pursue their career in the beauty industry. It is a great thought to learn self makeup, whatever the reason be. You do not have to rely every time on professionals before going to that much-awaited event. Isn’t it great that you can play with colors too, something that will complement your attire too? Even better if you are a bride to be as you can get ready yourself for your pre wedding functions.

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If you do it for a professional future, then let us tell you that it is one of the highest paid jobs today and it opens up new horizons for you.

Before starting with the course details, let us tell you the Best makeup Academy for self makeup course first. Meribindiya International Academy is one of the best makeup institutesthat guides you in self makeup course with theoretical and hands-on training.

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All the batches are small so that you can get individual attention in the batch. The trainers who teach the art of makeup are experienced. They foster a learning environment. Their courses are NSDC approved and ISO certified.

Why join MeriBindiya International Academy?

  • Enroll in India’s top academy
  • Get a chance to be a part of  Meribindiya’s Bridal team
  • Trainers are professional
  • Immediate Loan Facility
  • Learn with Earn facility

Let us now briefly tell you all that you need to know about the self makeup course.

What is a self makeup course?

The self makeup course is exclusively designed with the idea of offering complete makeup tutorials and expertise required for your personal makeup. Enrolment in self makeup course enables you to acquire the experience and knowledge of self-grooming: gaining knowledge in contouring, color correction, highlighting, application of lashes, glitter application, etc.

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The self makeup classes cover all the aspects of self makeup that a female needs in her daily routine. You also get to know the various looks that will go with different kinds of occasions. The courses are delivered by the expert trainers.

What is included in the Self makeup course?

Self makeup course includes the following topics that are covered throughout the course:

  1. Theory of Makeup and Foundations
  2. Product Knowledge
  3. Product Selection
  4. Perfecting the base
  5. Contouring/Highlighting
  6. Foundation Application
  7. Shadow Application
  8. Glitter Application
  9. Liner and Kajal Application
  10. Lipstick Application
  11. Practical in Eye Makeup
  12. Practical in Full Dress
  13. Practical in Self Makeup
  14. Day Party Makeup
  15. Night Party Smokey Eyes
  16. Night Party Glittery Eyes
  17. Practical in Saree Dupatta Draping

What is the duration of the Self makeup course?

The self makeup classes are held 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) for 3 hours per day and the duration is 2 weeks where you are offered a product kit as well.

How much are the makeup course fees?

For all inquiries related to fees, registration process, or to book your seat, you can contact Meribindiya International Academy Noida on 08130520472 and get accessto the ultimate self makeup course in Noida. They are open 7 days a week from 10:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M.

Who should enroll in the self makeup course?

  • Brides to be
  • Working Females
  • Makeup Enthusiasts
  • House Wives

What are the benefits of a self makeup course?

  • Increased creativity
  • Personality development
  • Access to new and exciting trends
  • Professional certification
  • Proficiency with the makeup tools
  • Boost your career

If you are interested in enrolling for a self makeup course, you can also search self makeup classes near me, or self makeup course near me, or self grooming makeup classes near me to get the reputed academies in your area.

self makeup course

Invest in this and make it one of the best investments for your career especially if you are an aspiring makeup artist. Self makeup classes will help you to polish your skills to the next level with confidence.

Self makeup course is calling you! Sign up today to get compliments on every event you step in. Let those heads turn when you walk by! Get access to cost-effective and time-saving tips and tricks. Now get ready in a jiffy!

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