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Your Ultimate Pre Bridal Beauty Checklist! | Meribindiya – Best Bridal Services at Home

Your Ultimate Pre Bridal Beauty Checklist

You have set the date for the most important life-changing moment. The countdown clock has started and you think about it every single day. Preparation for your wedding starts long before you walk down the aisle. You must have decided or in the process of finalizing the color scheme for the wedding décor, the floral arrangement to be used at the venue, the menu to be kept for all functions-pre-wedding and the wedding, choosing that elegant dress or lehenga for your special day. Amidst all these, there is an important part that you skipped and now thinking of when to start.

Yes, you got it right, your pre bridal sitting has still not started. You are a bride-to-be and we surely understand the hectic schedule you must be going through. Booking pre bridal packages have taken a backseat due to your endless planning for other things. Use your time wisely and try your best to tackle multiple tasks in that short span of time.

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Here we can help you with the information like when you need to cut and color, take face and skin treatment, primp and prep, ahead of your D-day.

Here we are with an ultimate pre bridal beauty checklist to guide on when to start and what pre bridal package includes to keep you on the right track:

There are 4 types of pre bridal treatment packages that you can choose from. Before coming to the pre bridal services, we would like to suggest our would-be brides Meribindiya, a Noida based company that believes in quality and ensures comfort to its customers by offering an array of pre bridal packages deals, pre bridal hair care at home and bridal packages your doorstep all across Delhi. If you are looking for the best pre bridal packages in Delhi that can provide pre bridal services at home, then undoubtedly you can contact them for the best services. Not just these, you can also book them for pre bridal makeup and bridal mehndi.

You do not need to worry if you are not staying in Delhi. If you are seeking for pre bridal packages in Faridabad or pre bridal packages in Gurgaon or pre bridal packages in Noida, then also you shall receive pre bridal packages at home by the skilled and professional team of Meribindiya. However, you can also walk in at Noida to book pre wedding salon packages or you can contact them on 08130520472. They are open 7 days a week from 10:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M. and all other details you can check on their website The pre bridal packages cost differs as per the services that you take, so you can contact them for getting the best pre bridal package cost in the salon or at your home.

You can choose from the following 4 types of pre bridal packages:

1. 45 Days Before Your Wedding

If we talk about the time you should start your pre bridal packages, thenwe would highly recommend all you brides to start you’re first sitting 45 days before your marriage. There are 4 sittings if you start 45 days before. If you have time for some pampering before your marriage then, you must go with time frame. The main aim of the bridal skincare packages and pre bridal hair care is to give you that glow even after months of your wedding. The bridal makeup adds to your beauty and gives you the flawless look on the day you should stand out as all eyes are set on you, but how about if you could carry that graceful look after your marriage as well.

2. 30 Days Before Your Wedding

If you are slightly low on time, then you can book a session a month before your wedding. There are 3 sittings if you start a month before.

3. 15 Days Before Your Wedding

Your D-day is coming close and you have limited time left with you to pamper yourself. No worries, you can book a pre bridal package right away so that you can de-stress yourself and just get treated like a princess by professionals at the salon or your home. In this package, you will get 2 sittings before your wedding.

4. Two Days Before Your Wedding

We completely understand how you must be feeling as you are surrounded by mixed emotions. You planned every detail of your wedding and now you want a quick grooming session right before your wedding. You can book one sitting for availing the pre bridal services.

The pre bridal package includes:

1. Facial

Facial treatment is the most important thing when it comes to pre wedding face care. Starting prior ensures deep cleansing of the face, removal of blackheads and whiteheads along with dead cells. It also improves blood circulation to make your skin firm and soft. For every face type, the facials are curated. It varies from normal to oily to dry skin.

There are numerous facial kits that you can choose from and it totally depends on your skin types like Diamond, Gold, Pearl, Acne Reduction, Anti-Tan, or Aromatherapy facials. We suggest facial treatment approx. 45 days before your D-day so that your skin can settle down, as sometimes it may cause a reaction to sensitive skin. Avoid getting it too close to your wedding day. In case of skin allergies, consult a dermatologist before starting your bridal skincare packages.

2. Full Body Waxing

It is essential when we talk about the ultimate pre bridal beauty checklist. Waxing effectively reduces tan and helps you get a clean, soft, and supple skin. We advise you to start 45 days because it takes a few months first to see how it suits your skin. The last sitting you can take is 4-5 days before your wedding day to settle down any minor skin problems that may occur.

For full-body wax, you can choose between Chocolate Wax (White/Dark) as it contains beeswax and vegetable oil. It usually does not cause allergy and smoothens your skin. You can also go ahead with Aloe Vera wax or normal wax if you wish to. If you want to undertake Bikini Wax, you can start that too 45 days prior so that your skin can adapt to it. Get it done at regular intervals. You can include it in all the 4 sittings if booking 45 days prior.  You can also start this 30 days or 15 days before your wedding.  The wedding one, you can get it done 3-4 days before your wedding.

3. Face Hair Removal

When you are going for grooming, so how can your eyebrows, upper lip and forehead be missed? Neatly shaped eyebrows accentuate the grace of your face and hence, adds to your beauty. Clean upper lips, and forehead will make your skin look more clear and adds to your flawless look. Though you can get it done at regular intervals before the wedding like in 3-4 sittings, depending on the package you are taking and when you are taking, but for the wedding, we suggest you get it done 3-4 days before.

4. Body Polishing

Body polishing is a significant one out of all pre bridal services. The treatment exfoliates and massages the skin resulting in a youthful glow for the body. It also removes the tan from the body. A single session lasts up to 60 minutes where the skin is scrubbed and then massaged with a cream offering hydrated, silky, supple, moisturized and glowy skin.

The skin polishing treatment cost differs as it is based on the brand of the polishing kit that you take. We highly recommend taking at least 3-4 sittings of this.

5. Full Body Bleach

When we are exposed to the pollution and UV rays, our body becomes dull and skin becomes tanned. Bleach helps in reducing the dullness of the skin and de-tans the body effectively. It results in the glow and makes your skin fair by making the unwanted hair appear less visible.  It also evens out your skin tone and fades the dark spots.

Choose between turmeric/fruit/glow bleach depending on your skin type. Check with the professional, the brand they are having. You must take at least 3-4 sessions of this too.

6. Full Body De-Tan

This treatment is ideal for sensitive and tanned skin. It helps in removing the tan from the body. A De-Tan pack is applied on the body and kept for around 20 minutes to dry out and then it is rinsed off. As bleach may cause rashes on sensitive skin so we recommend getting the body De-Tanned. So similarly, you can take at least 3-4 sessions of this treatment.

7. Body Spa

The ideal time for Body Spa should start approx. 45 days prior to the wedding. We recommend aromatherapy or green tea body spa that suits mostly all types of skin. You can alternatively go for Swedish/Deep Tissue. You can also check out the options available with your beauty professional. A relaxed mind can bring out the best in the skin.  Why we include in the checklist because it nourishes the skin along with boosting blood circulation.

You can also go for it 30 days before your wedding.

8. Pedicure and Manicure

Pedicure and manicure relax your muscles and leaves your skin moisturized and soft. It also removes the tan.  Regular pedicure and manicure include soaking of the foot and hands, scrubbing of the foot with pumice stone/foot file and hands with a pumice stone, nail clipping and shaping, foot, calves, and hands massage, cuticle cleaning, moisturizing, and nail polishing.  This you can take 2 sittings like one 15 days before and the other 2-3 days before your wedding. You can also go for nail art to highlight your nails.

9. Hair Treatment: Smoothening/Straightening

Apart from the regular trimming, pre bridal parlour packages, and pre bridal hair care at home includes hair treatment. If you have unmanageable, dry, or frizzy hair then, hair smoothening treatment is for you. You should get it done at least a month before the wedding, if not 45 days before. Deep conditioning your hair ensures healthy and soft tresses.

Go for straightening, if you are not happy with curls. Straightening may last around 4-6 months. So you can get it done for 2 months or a month before your wedding. After this treatment, oil your hair often and take extra care of your hair as it dries out due to chemicals.  

10. Hair Coloring

For adding a hue to your locks, you can add it to your checklist. This transforms your look to a great extent. It also hides unwanted grey strands. You can choose a shade like brown or burgundy which are common ones if you have not tried any before. As it will take time to get used to the new look, so we recommend it to get it done at least 45 days or 30 days before your wedding.

11. Hair Spa

Regular hair spa treatments effectively treat problems like dandruff, dryness, dullness, and hair fall. Your hair is exposed to sunlight and colors so after the chemical treatments and sun exposure, your hair requires nourishment. You may start a hair spa 45 days or 30 days before the D-day. If not possible, then we suggest going for a hair spa 15 days before.

You can get the final hair cut after all the hair treatments to achieve the best result from the haircut.

As we have exclusively made this checklist for you, if you stick to this beauty checklist, we can ensure you that you are all sorted. Meribindiya is known to offer cost-effective pre bridal packages so if you are looking for pre bridal packages cost in Delhi, you will see how economical the packages are and what quality is delivered as celebrity makeup artists come for bridal makeup.

No need to panic any further, Meribindiya team is there to take care of all last-minute prep up. You can also contact them for makeup services for all occasions like engagement, wedding, reception, anniversary, party and photoshoots. They have more than 50 skilled bridal makeup artists, 30 beautician experts and 20 experienced bridal mehndi artists working under their umbrella.

We just have one wish for all the beautiful brides- KEEP THAT GLOW FLOWING! REMAIN CALM AND HAVE FUN…


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