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Learn Certification in Nail Art course from Delhi’s Best Beauty Academy, MeriBindiya International Academy

Learn Certification in Nail Art course from Delhi's Best Beauty Academy, MeriBindiya International Academy

Welcome to MeriBindiya International Academy, your gateway to the enchanting world of nail artistry in the heart of Delhi. If you harbor a passion for beauty, creativity, and self-expression, our Nail Art Certification course is tailor-made for you. At MeriBindiya, we believe in empowering aspiring artists with not just technical expertise but also the confidence to turn nails into canvases of breathtaking art.

Imagine a journey where you start with the fundamentals in our Basic to Advance nail art course (Level 1,2). Here, you delve into the intricate world of nail anatomy, grasp essential theoretical knowledge, and immediately apply these insights in our hands-on practical sessions. Acquire the art of client management, mastering client handling and understanding their unique requirements – a crucial skill set in the beauty industry. 

As you progress to Level 1 in the nail course, Nail Extension, immerse yourself in the transformative techniques of acrylic and gel extensions, overlays, and the delicate processes of refiling and refill. Level 2, the pinnacle of creativity, takes you on a mesmerizing exploration of needle art, brush art, French art, glitter art, and a kaleidoscope of other techniques that elevate your nail artistry to new dimensions.

Basic to Advance Nail Course (Level 1,2)

Our nail tech certification course is structured into two levels to ensure a gradual and thorough learning experience. In Level 1, we cover the fundamental aspects of nail care and enhancement. Here’s what you can expect:

Nail Anatomy: 

Understanding the anatomy of nails is crucial for any nail artist. You’ll explore the structure of nails, gaining insights that will serve as the foundation for your future endeavors during this nail art training.


We believe that a strong theoretical foundation is essential for practical success. Our nail    training course includes in-depth theoretical sessions, covering topics like nail health, hygiene, and safety measures.

Practical Included:

Get hands-on experience from day one! Our nail tech school’s practical sessions allow you to apply the knowledge gained in the theory classes, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

Client Management: 

For everyone who has been looking for “nail tech school near me” which gives holistic learning then MeriBindiya is your best choice. Learn the art of client handling, including understanding client requirements and effective communication. Building strong client relationships is key to success in the beauty industry.

Nail Extension (Level 1)

Level 1 takes you a step further into the world of nail enhancement. In this part of nail technician course, you’ll explore various techniques and applications to transform nails into stunning works of art.

Acrylic Extension (Natural & French):

Master the art of acrylic extensions, both in natural and French styles, providing a solid foundation for creative expression with this nail tech course.

Gel Extension (Natural & French):

 Dive into the world of gel extensions, offering clients a durable and glossy finish that’s both beautiful and long-lasting in these nail classes.

Overlay (Acrylic & Gel): 

With our professional nail art course, learn the technique of overlaying, using both acrylic and gel, to enhance the natural beauty of the nails.

Application on Original Nails: 

In our nail art classes, practice applying extensions on natural nails, honing your skills for real-world applications.

Refiling (Acrylic & Gel):

As we offer nail classes for beginners you can understand the importance of maintenance as you learn the art of refiling acrylic and gel extensions.

Refill (Overlay): 

Master the delicate process of refilling overlay, ensuring a seamless and polished look for your clients with our nail courses with certificates.

Nail Art (Level 2)

Level 2 in our nail art academy is where your creativity truly takes flight. Explore a myriad of artistic techniques and express yourself through intricate designs and patterns.

Needle Art:

 Precision meets creativity with needle art, allowing you to create detailed and delicate designs.

 Brush Art:

With this nail art certificate, unleash your inner artist with brush art, perfect for crafting unique and personalized nail designs.

 French Art:

With our nail art learning, elevate your nail artistry with classic French designs, adding sophistication to your repertoire.

Glitter Art:

Add a touch of sparkle to your creations with glitter art, perfect for clients who love a bit of glamour with our nail art technician course.

Acc Placing Art:

Learn the art of placing accessories strategically, enhancing the overall look of your nail designs in this nail art training course.

Stickers Art:

Explore the world of stickers, making nail art fun and accessible to a wide range of clients by completing our nail art designs course.

Stones Art:

Incorporate stones into your designs, creating stunning 3D effects that captivate the eye.

Marble Art: 

Master the technique of creating marble patterns, adding a touch of elegance to your nail art.

3D Art:

 Take your designs to the next dimension with 3D art, creating intricate and eye-catching nail sculptures with our advanced nail art designs.

Chrome Art:

Embrace the trend of chrome nails, offering clients a futuristic and mirror-like finish with this nail artist training.

Tapping Art:

Explore the rhythmic and artistic process of tapping to create unique and dynamic designs.

Omrey Art:

Dive into the world of Omrey art, combining vibrant colors and patterns for truly mesmerizing nails with our nail art professional course.

 Nano Beads: 

Discover the beauty of Nano beads, adding texture and dimension to your nail art creations.

Foil Paper:

Experiment with foil paper, creating bold and dynamic designs that stand out.

Nail Removal:

Learn the safe and effective methods of nail removal, ensuring the health and well-being of your clients’ natural nails with our nail art master class.

Temporary Nails Application: 

Offer clients the option of temporary nails, providing versatility and creativity for special occasions.

Types of Buffing Preston Nails (Gel Tip):

Master the art of buffing, creating a smooth and flawless finish for gel tip nails in our nail art designs classes. 


 Understand the use of drills in nail art, ensuring precision and efficiency in your artistic process.

Wrapping Up

At MeriBindiya International Academy, we not only equip you with the technical skills needed for nail artistry but also foster your creativity and passion. Our enriching nail art course details and experienced instructors are dedicated to guiding you through every step of the learning journey, providing valuable insights and personalized feedback.

Embark on your journey to becoming a certified nail artist with MeriBindiya International Academy. Join us and unlock your creative potential in the vibrant world of nail artistry. Your canvas awaits!

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