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Make a Career by Doing These Makeup Courses and Get a Job Worth Lakhs

Make a Career by Doing These Makeup Courses and Get a Job Worth Lakhs

In today’s modern world, the beauty and makeup industry is booming like never before. With the rise in social media platforms and the increasing influence of beauty bloggers and YouTubers, the demand for well-trained makeup artists has reached new heights.

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If you have a passion for makeup and a desire to make a successful career out of it, enrolling in makeup courses can be the first step towards achieving your dreams. These courses provided by MeriBindiya International Academy not only provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge but also open doors for lucrative job opportunities that can earn you lakhs.

Makeup courses Offered by MeriBindiya International Academy

Certification Makeup course

The Certification Makeup course is a comprehensive program that equips students with the skills and knowledge to become certified professional makeup artists. It covers various topics such as techniques, tools, skincare, and applications for different age groups and skin types. Students learn about the theory behind makeup, different brush types, skincare and hygiene practices, and specific techniques for different types of makeup looks.

Practical exercises and demonstrations allow students to apply their knowledge and skills. The makeup artist certification course also includes makeup training and communication with clients. Upon completion, students who attend the makeup classes for beginners will have a thorough understanding of professional makeup artistry and will be ready to obtain their certification. Overall, the course provides a comprehensive education in all aspects of makeup artistry, preparing students for success in the industry.

Advanced  Makeup course

The advanced makeup artist certification course is designed to take your skills to the next level by teaching advanced techniques and working with different skin types. You will also learn hair styling techniques.

The makeup artist course covers the basics of makeup, skincare, and hygiene practices. As you progress, you will learn about international product knowledge, understanding different skin tones, advanced correction and dermatology techniques, and the theory of HD makeup and airbrush techniques. You will also learn how to provide makeup consultations and understand different makeup styles. The course will cover grooming makeup for male clients, creating looks for portfolio photoshoots, and client management skills. Overall, the course aims to expand your knowledge and skills in professional makeup artistry.

Diploma Course in Makeup and Hair Styling

The diploma course in makeup and hair styling offers a comprehensive introduction to industry techniques and trends. It covers makeup application styles such as foundation, lipstick, eye shadow, and contouring, as well as knowledge of different products and skin tones. The diploma in makeup artist course also includes consultations for weddings, corporate events, and festivals. The advanced level focuses on topics like HD makeup, airbrush techniques, bridal makeup, and fashion makeup.

The Foundation Hair Course Level-1 covers theory, product knowledge, section names, and tools. It also includes advanced product knowledge and hair care. Level 2 focuses on advanced hairstyling techniques like vintage curls, braids, doll looks, corporate buns, and bridal buns. Students will also learn about party hairstyles, flower buns, mermaid hairstyles, Pakistani hairdos, and corporate hair looks. The course also covers applying temporary hair extensions.

Airbrush Course

Learn to become an expert in airbrush makeup with our specialized course. You’ll discover the ins and outs of using airbrush guns and products to create flawless, long-lasting makeup looks. The course covers all aspects of airbrush makeup, focusing specifically on bridal airbrush makeup. You’ll learn the theory behind airbrush makeup, including equipment, formulas, and techniques.

Plus, you’ll have the chance to participate in a portfolio shoot and observe a professional makeup artist create a bridal look using airbrush techniques. By the end of the course, you’ll have comprehensive knowledge and skills in airbrush makeup, specifically for bridal purposes.

HD Makeup course

Our intensive HD makeup course will help you enhance and refine your skills in the industry. Led by professional artists, you will learn about the latest trends and techniques, with a focus on HD bridal makeup. This is essential as HD cameras and photography are becoming more prominent. You will gain the knowledge and expertise to create a flawless and long-lasting look that photographs beautifully.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to practice your skills during a portfolio shoot, which will serve as a valuable marketing tool for your future career. You will also have the chance to observe and learn from a professional artist during a demo session, allowing you to ask questions and gain valuable insights.

Bridal Makeup course

Become a professional bridal makeup artist with our specialized course. Learn all aspects of bridal makeup, including hairstyling. Our intensive course provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this field. You will gain a deep understanding of bridal makeup and the ability to create stunning looks.

The course covers topics such as Advance Correction and Derma Theory to help you understand different skin types and how to address common issues. Additionally, you will learn MAC Bridal Makeup techniques, including a live demonstration, and discover how to create flawless looks with high-definition cameras through our HD Bridal Makeup module. Join us and become a skilled and sought-after bridal makeup artist in no time.

Self Makeup courses

Learn the fundamentals of makeup application with our self-professional makeup artist course. Ideal for all ages and skill levels, our courses provide tips and trends from certified makeup artists. Improve your makeup techniques with in-depth theory and practical sessions. Discover different foundation types, application techniques, and how to choose the right shade for your skin.

Explore eye shadow, glitter, liner, kajal, and lipstick application methods, as well as the latest makeup trends. Practice and refine your skills with practical sessions covering full-face makeup, eye makeup techniques, and even traditional attire draping. Benefit from expert guidance and insider tips from certified makeup artists throughout the course.

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Final Thoughts

Embarking on a makeup career that offers job opportunities worth lakhs requires a combination of talent, passion, and the right qualifications. By pursuing professional makeup artistry certification, advanced specialized courses, hairstyling training, and business and marketing education, you can enhance your skill set and stand out in the competitive beauty industry. Remember, investing in your education and continuously updating your skills is crucial to staying relevant and attracting high-paying clients. Take the leap, enroll in the makeup courses that align with your interests and career goals, and watch as your passion for makeup transforms into a lucrative profession. With the right training and dedication, a makeup job worth lakhs can become a reality.

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